Friday's Fancies {Boots}


Happy Friday! I'm on my way back from NYC today!! It's been a great week and I've thoroughly enjoyed the exploring and adventures I've had in the big city. 

Today over at Long Distance Loving, the staple fall boots are the main focal point. I love this denim dress paired with these tall caramel boots. Of course I had to add a little bit of bling with the jewel bibbed necklace and a pop of color with the green agate ring, providing a casual-chic look.
And how adorable is the friendship wrapped watch?! I'm sure you could easily tie a friendship bracelet to a wrapped leather watch to create a similar look. Love it!

Happy weekend to you all! Can't believe it's the last one in September! Time is whippin on by!!

Check out more "boots inspired" outfits here!

Jillian's Big Day

Jillian, from Cornfake Dreams is one of my favorites! She is off to Barcelona and Madrid for a couple weeks, so I'm sharing some ideas and inspiration I have for her upcoming wedding over here.

Go check it out and let me know what you think ;)

In the City

BFF time...always a treat!

Friday's Fancies: NYC Style


I'm off to NYC today to visit my bff, Blair!! So incredibly excited!! We've got a lot of sight seeing, shopping, eating and gallery crawling to do! I want to be dressed comfortably and chic of course, so I rounded up an outfit to walk the streets in.

Look at my beautiful FF Banner {av} from Long Distance Loving made me ;)
Isn't it a beauty?! She's the sweetest!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Kelly, You speak Fabulousness!

Oh, how I have waited so long to see Kelly Wearstler's new fashion collection!! She is my ultimate design inspiration and I go completely gaga over every project she works on!
Oh, she's pretty gorgeous too! 

The interiors she creates and designs are beyond magnificent, (I know you agree!) and now we can see the resemblance of the eclectic, bold and luxe look in her clothing and accessories line.

Let's take a closer look and dream away!

If I had a little extra money in the bank I might be able to promote and actually strut around in her gorgeous pieces. Until then, I'll try to create similar looks and enjoy the eye candy that costs $0 on my computer screen! ;)

Thanks for being so fabulous, Kelly!

Go check it out!

Today, my sweet friend Michaela, from Michaela Noelle Designs, asked me to be a part of her "She loves me, She loves me not" series. I was so thrilled to be asked to take part in this because I've read from Michaela's other guests, who have been included in the series, and they're so fun to read!

So go check out what I'm Loving.....

And what I'm loving not so much!.....

Woodgrain + Gold

I'm loving the stark contrast between woodgrain and gold. The texture and look of woodgrain is so appealing to me. I like the rustic, yet polished look it exudes in these images and items. 
Incorporated is a masculine element with a feminine quality, which to me gives it the perfect balance. Combining it with gold gives you "Wooden Glam!" 

Take a closer look at what I'm talking about:

img, img,  123, 4, 567891011

Getting chilly, so I'm...

As I was laying around on my parents couch this weekend I started to fill a bit chilly. I'm a hot-natured gal so I was completely surprised when I felt the goosebumps run up and down my body. Next thing I knew, I was telling my dad that it was time to start a fire! I'd go get the wood and he could start it up. Apparently Daddy thought it was just a bit early to start building fires. So I took off into dreamland and
imagined what it would be like laying around near these beauties!
I got to searching for the perfect little way to warm up a room and was happily content with this little roundup. There's nothing like the smell of wood burning and the crackle of the fire on a chilly, chilly day.
Are things cooling down on your side of town?

sources* houzzthe decoristatarget

Gameday Chic: FF

Todays Friday's Fancies is showcasing your favorite sports team. ("Gameday Chic")
Until my Charlotte 49ers get rolling, I've got PANTHERS PRIDE all the way!! Not quite sure I would wear this to a game but definitely to a Panther-themed party for sure!! Can't wait to make it to a game and paint this town blue!!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Who are you pulling for??

Link Up : Fall Wish List

In honor of Danielle's birthday week,over at the fantastic design blog, Breakfast at Toast) I decided to link up and come up with a FALL WISH LIST! I couldn't be more excited about the cooler months upon us, encompassing an array of warm weather attire, accessories and a couple gifts that I'm craving to make mine just because we're nearing holiday seasons! It's a wish list so don't mind the price tags, right?
Oh, of course not! The possibilities are endless in our optimistic blogworld! ;)


You should definitely go check out the Gift Guides others have come up with!
They're pretty fantastic!!

Dreaming of more Closet Space

Good morning friends! I have a special guest post treat for you today. Susi, from Design Shuffle was extremely kind and gracious to reach out and share with you something that all women dream of having in their home. Get ready for some incredible eye candy!

Hi, Iím Susi and I write for Design Shuffle, a great social media site for interior designers, architects and other design enthusiasts. Thanks, Drew, for letting Design Shuffle and I visit Coral Cafe. 

I have to say that I am super envious of anyone who has a glamorous closet. Our 1910 house is full of charm and tiny closets. I loved looking at closets and dressing rooms that are not only spacious but glamorous too. For anyone hoping to find decorating ideas to add some glamour to a walk-in closet or just dreaming of more closet space, here are some pics to inspire you. Enjoy!

Walk In Closet

Shelter Interior Design via

Love this walk in closet. The glossy black built-ins and mirrored surfaces are gorgeous. A sparkling chandelier works well in this space.

Victorian Closet

Apartment Therapy via

Another dark closet with tons of glamour. A built-in vanity with Venetian mirror is so feminine and chic. Love the Victorian style of the built-ins and the glass doors.

Closet Design

Shelter Interior Design via

A glamorous closet doesn't have to be huge. Top end finishes, including a Kelly Wearstler carpet, can add glamour and style.

Organized Closet

The Book of Secrets via

Love the sign above the door to this glamorous closet: Fairy Tales Do Come True! Organization meets glamour in this shoe filled closet. Button tufted ottoman and a crystal chandelier, great interior design ideas for any room, add the glamour.

New England Closet

New England Closets via

Creamy white closet doors with mullion glass create a classic, traditional look in this dressing room/closet. Any closet that is big enough for a bench is glamorous, no?

Walk In Closet

La Belle Vie via

Clean lines and gorgeous built-ins paired with dark, polished wood floors make this closet feel more like a chic boutique than utilitarian storage. Beautiful!

Vintage Closet

Pinterest via

Rich, dark woods and traditional lines give this closet an English country house style. Vintage style lighting and accessories like vintage luggage lend a patrician air to the closet.

Closet Design

Caitlin Wilson Design via

This uber stylish closet is painted in a high gloss Wedgwood blue, but remains feminine. Fine art and a fireplace are glamorous interior design touches for the closet... or bedroom... or living room.

Thanks again Susi for all of the glorious closet inspiration! I'd gladly take any of the above to store and organize, in a beautiful way, all of my clothes, shoes and accessories!

This post was created by Design Shuffle, an interior design social community including popular Los Angeles interior designers and New York interior designers.


PS.. Jen of the fabulous Made by Girl just finished her closet design and it looks fantastic!
Go take a further look!

I want to be a part of this!

How much I would LOVE to get tips and instructions from these gals!! 
Now that's how to make a class fun and worthwhile!!

source* blogshopla

Would you wear your rug?

I came upon some great, bold tibetan rugs and was inspired by the colors so much that I envisioned a fall wardrobe in the same color schemes. John Kurtz founded this rug collection, with many others, and uses the finest Tibetan wool and Chinese silk to provide the greatest quality. Each of the rugs I chose has coral weaving, so I kept the coral skinny pants consistent throughout each look.




Which look do you like best?!

sources* rugscoral skinny pants,   

Remembering Always

I always like to remember and reflect on this day. 
God bless those who have fallen and have selflessly fought for us and our freedom.
We're in His hands always <3

source* img

Where I've been..

So I'm finally back! So sorry to have left my cafe' for so long! It was good to get away for a vacation and just relax, walk on the beach, read a book and frolic in the ocean with my sister (Dana), bro-in-law (Blake) and my bro-in-law's brother (Zach). (The mom and dad would sneak in for a wave or two, as well.) There was lots of laughter and enjoyment to be had.

When we got back from the beach I was preparing mentally to get myself in check and in order to get back to work and the real life. All of a sudden, at the snap of a hat, plans were altered and I was suckered into making a roadtrip with Dana, Blake and Zach to Oklahoma. Dana and Blake moved there for Blake's job and I was so excited that they wanted me to tag along! I'm always up for a spontaneous adventure!!

Day 1: We drove through beautiful Asheville, then stopped in the "Music  City" (Nashville) the first night to experience a little bit of country livin! The next morning we road around Opryland and the downtown areas to take in the sights and culture of the city.

Zach and I let the married couple take the Penske truck, while we trucked behind eating candy, singing (of course that would be me) laughing, doing impersonations of famous people and acting just crazy silly! Zach can be JFK, Bobby Kennedy, Johnny Depp in Pirates, and Bill Clinton. I couldn't stop cracking up and couldn't have asked for a better roadtrip buddy! (It was a Hubert and Sally experience ;)

Next stop: Arkansas! My cousin and his wife live in Little Rock and we were able to visit the newlyweds' first home together and take a walk around a nearby park, watching the pups run around and revel in their own delight of the open fields! Of course we couldn't eat anything else that night but some delicious BBQ for dinner, and how mouth watering it was!

The last leg of the tip: Driving into Oklahoma. At this point we were driving through more great scenery and getting anxious to make our arrival. When we finally made it in, we were welcomed with open arms by Blake and Zach's parents and siblings. My cousin, Tripp, also lives in the barn house on their farm and it was especially great to see him too!!

Their farm is just gorgeous and I loved waking up to coffee and cooler weather on the front porch every morning, swaying back and forth in the rocking chairs and watching the pups play around in the yard.

My cousin, Tripp, is a horseshoer and he let Dana and I hop on his horse, Jack, one day and take him for a little ride. I felt like a kid again, repeating "Giddy Up" every couple seconds! I can see how therapeutic it can be to ride horses and take pleasure in the sights of such a farm. 

Look at that professional in action!! Thanks Tripp for such a thrill!!

An experience I'll never forget on the farm is watching the boys haul hay! It's done about twice a year at the Gastelum's and how great to have been there the day it took place! The three girls (Olivia, Dana and I) took turns driving the guys behind the truck. Those 8 boys sweated, joked and had such a great time picking up bales of hay. Who knew it could be so fun! We blasted country music inside the truck and jokingly called out for them to "hurry up," "run faster," and "geeet it!" And boy did they do just that!

Aside from all work and playing, we took time to relax in the pool, eat out, and act silly on the couch in the living room at nights. All of the pups were great entertainment, as well! There were six altogether and made me feel right at home!

What an unforgettable trip I had! The unexpected getaways seem to be the best! I couldn't have thought of a better way to end the summer and I'm looking forward to more trips to Oklahoma in the future!

Many thanks to The Gastelum's for welcoming me into their home for 2 weeks and treating me like part of the family. What love you showed and how generous you were <3


I'm so sorry to have left my blog for so terribly long!! I've been on vacation and haven't had much access to the internet. It's refreshing to get that opportunity sometimes! To back away from the world, chaos and news that comes along with this huge web some days. But I'm super excited to get back in the routine of designing inspiration palettes and getting inspired by all of you!! I'll be back FRIDAY to catch you up on the adventure details!!