Freezing Florida??

Well I finally made the move to Florida and was expecting sunny, warmer weather...but, instead..its about 40!!  I just moved into my new office which is connected to the outside doors.  Let's just say I'm feeling cold drafts around every inch of my body when the door opens at least 40 times a day with new clients, colleagues, the strapping boss man, an older man with an amazing english accent and plenty of people in between. I'm getting used to Pensacola but am afraid I will LOVE it in a couple more weeks when the sun decides to pop its huge head atop this beautiful, serene place!

As for everything else, I'm missing my sister and her fresh bait husband!!  I haven't been able to see them since they got back from their honeymoon in Punta Cana and squeal over all the hundreds of beautiful pictures they took! I always imagined sharing my sisters' memories of her honeymoon over coffee the night she got back in my parents warm lit house. But I guess nowadays, we have to blog through our memories!!

Happy Blogging!!