Makeup Mixup

Coming to you with some of my favorite beauty products from Nars and Benefit..I'm getting ready to take a trip to the beach and need that sheer, bronzed look to fulfill my facial pleasures! I'm inspired by desert hues of gold, copper and peach!

What are some of your favorite summer beauty products you can't wait to wear?

Fashion Icon

You may remember Louise Roe who made a couple appearances on The City. She was the fresh English fashion journalist that competed with Olivia Palermo. 
You may have also seen her hosting for BBC's, the Clothes Show, E!'s Fashion Police and Perfect Catch and on the CW in Plain Jane. 

I love her colorful, bohemian chic style! Definitely a summer inspiration! She's so flawless and genuine. Perfect Fashion Icon!!

And she rocked these amazing platforms!!

Who's one of your new favorite style icons?

source*  img1img2img3img 4platform

Happy, Happy Easter

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter! Hope you all have a lovely one!

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Friday's Fancies Easter Style!

I was invited by {AV} Long Distance Loving} to participate in the Friday's Fancies Series and I got super excited because you know how I love to style my outfits on here! The series gives you a chance to dream beyond what's actually in your wallet and you have the freedom to put together your own personal and extravagant attire! How could I not participate in that?! If you want to participate as well, head on over to Long Distance Loving and link up!!

So since it's Easter weekend, I decided like many others, to create my Sunday Easter attire. My main accessory you ask? Well my Easter basket carrying that adorable little bunny, of course! So once you've oooed and aaahed over that, you'll catch my beautiful white and nude crossover draped dress. I have chosen that mint, lavender and fuchsia entwined necklace for an extra nudge of pizzaz and paired them with fuchsia gem dangles. The turquoise stoned ring (wish it was a bracelet too!) is gorgeous and brings more of the mint color back into your outfit for more contrast.  Luxe leather sandals with jingling gold charms make your feet look shmancy as you strut around picking up easter eggs. And last but not least, your simple, chic clutch to hold all those dollar bills you get in your eggs! (and a little candy too) 
Oh how marvelous I will feel in my Easter Sunday attire!!

the bunny trail

Let's just go ahead and say that I'm very inspired by this Easter week and will continue to post bunnies, eggs, lambs, chics and all things pastel and colorful the remainder of the week and weekend!!

My sister and bro-in-law are moving back home TOMORROW and I'm all sorts of giddy! Maybe it's because I get to share in the joys of fingering through our easter baskets together! (Yes we will continue this delightul childhood tradition this year..and every year after ;)

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's waaaay!!

What do you have planned for the upcoming holiday?

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Easter Dresses

This photo was taken in the 60's and I almost wish I could travel back in time so I could get all frilly and make a major statement with a big flower covered hat! (I would most likely dress like the first lady in the peach!) Ladies rocked gloves, flipped-out hairdos and even light stockings in warm, spring days. I thought it was especially fitting for an Easter Sunday dress code.

Do you reminisce over your mothers dresses and outfits back in the day?

I have to say I am drawn to a lot of similar styles my mom strutted around in! Even the same colors! Must be in the genes ;)

Saw this vintage hat at a boutique and had to snap a pic!!

sources* 60s photo60s ads, insp. pallete: hatdressgloveslace pumpsearringsclutchgold pearls

The source of the matter


The reason we get to eat, decorate and hide all of these beautiful eggs is because of where it came from!
Or are you on the other side of the argument?
Which came first? The Chicken or the Egg??
Let's get to the source of the matter!

I loved the first print but could not understand the german to english translation. I used a translator tool and "Neuweider Hefte" translates to "again attaches."
Can anyone help this little lost chic...?

source*  1. img 2. img 3. img

How do you like your eggs?

It's time to start preparing for Easter Egg decorating, painting, hunting and of course bunny and chic decor! The week before Easter is always filled with pastels, chocolates and of course those yummy, rich Cadbury eggs!!

How do you like to decorate your eggs?

Just Bliss...

The Muse Series

This weeks muse is inspired by the faceted wedge of wood panel angles, black suede leather and a pink python-covered platform!! Not to mention that grosgrain ribbon ankle tie! All of these elements make for one grand footwear fancy!! An extreme factor in my muse today!
I'm telling you, if you wear an amazing heel, wedge or flat, people will be drawn to them! For the past couple of Sunday's I've worn some eclectic heels and have gotten several comments  on them. They said they looked straight at my shoes before they even saw my face! Now that's a major sign of how big of an impact a footwear fancy can really be!

In order to really set this funky wedge apart, like last weeks muse, you need to combine it with a solid, simple outfit. I chose this cream blouse/blazer and black flowy skirt, for a contrast of movement against the geometric form of the wedge. Wrap a black elastic belt with a mustard yellow flower pin around your waist to cinch the look. I chose to also use black and yellow/gold earrings and the boxed bag to make sure the pink python-covered platform would stand out even more. Adding this charm bracelet with touches of pink would move your eye upward after catching that wedge at first sight. For interior comparison, I found this black swing back chair that mimics the chunky wedge, while the black Oren Oslo vase, with wood pieces, mimics the wooden panels of the wedge. And Voila!!

Would you wear this funky, chunky wedge?

sources* swing back chairoslo vaseankle-wrap wedgeblouseskirtearringsflower-pin beltcharm braceletbox bag

Decorating Blog Crawl

Linking up at Cornflake Dreams to participate in the decorating blog crawl!

I chose to use my friend that is looking for decoration inspiration in her guest bedroom as my choice of space today. She chose the most fabulous mango-colored walls and wants to gravitate towards a coral/beachy theme with a twist, while using her maple-wood furniture that she currently has and adding a touch of blue for a catchy contrast.

The Inspiration

The Inspiration Palette

The Color Palette

What do you think? Would you enjoy staying in this seascape guest room?

Not a Monday Blue Kinda Day

After the hustle and bustle of a weekend it's sometimes hard to buckle down and attack a load of work on Monday. Yet, sometimes, there's something so calming about a fresh start to a new week. I gain a lot of inspiration from the weekend and am ready to tackle all the design work that have nearing deadlines around the corner. I've got two more weeks to finish up a newsletter I'm working on and you'd think I'd be stressing to the max right now! However, when you are working on something that you are truly passionate about, it makes it that much easier to get lost in.
Need a little help fighting those Monday blues? Get lost in these...

Anything in particular that inspired you this weekend and got you ready for today?

Ross Copperman- Found You- Official Video

There are some songs that you never get tired of. This song by Ross Copperman would be one of mine.
I met Ross through Myspace back in the day, and he was the most genuine artist I had ever talked to.
He has so much depth in his lyrics and songs that give me goosebumps each time I hear them. Luckily he made an official video for my favorite song of his. I just had to share..

 What songs do you never tire of?

Botanical Point

Of course you can't think of Spring without thinking of a botanical scene or freshly cut grass and the bright, beaming sun! Time to add those monochromatic hues to your wardrobe and a dash of decor around your home!

Have you started getting your life situated for spring living?!


I'm creating a series that will help guide you through my design process. Mostly through my Inspiration Palettes. This series will be called "The Muse," stemming from the definition of inspiration,muse:    noun- inspirationcreative influencestimulusformal afflatus.therefore, creating this light and serene palatte:

I found this brilliant aqua-stoned, metallic rose clutch and had numerous ways to approach the design palette. I could have chosen a bright aqua dress and tortoise framed heels, but then I realized that the aqua stones on the clutch are the focal point of my palette. By using neutral colors, the clutch has a chance to stand out from the rest. This is an instant in which your accessories and jewelry can speak for themselves. When looking to give more attention to a certain item of clothing or piece of furniture, choose a simple background or canvas and let that one particular swanky item be your muse!
(Of course the rest, in my opinion, are still pretty swanky!)

Signs of April

Ready to kick off the new month and all of it's glorious qualities! I think of bold colors, tulips, rainy afternoons to cool down the heat and fun, flirty dresses with colors and prints galore!
Happy April! and no fools on this lady today!

Anybody gotten fooled already??

sources* modelmirrortulipsumbrella