Blair Flair

I love me some Blair over at Atlantic Pacific!! She has such killer style and looks absolutely chic in everything she puts together!! I fell in love with this floral coat she wore and all the pieces she matched with it! I have to say this is a Friday Fancy MUST!

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Dream Patio

I saw this patio decor inspiration on Kelley Moore's blog a couple weeks ago and fell in love!! How beautiful is that fuchsia wall! And my favorite part? The bush carved deer head! Just too much for words!

Want to see another Classy Deer Head? Hop on over to Michelle's blog at Ten June to see her very own DIY paper mache deer head! Too cute!!

Do you Rue?

So, I'm sure many of you were just as much on the edge of your seats for Rue's 6th issue magazine launch as I was! This time more than the the rest of the issue launches! Mainly because this issue contained interior spaces and photo shoots from international grounds. From Rio de Janeiro to Stockholm and even to Iceland. You get a true sense of different cultures' style approaches. 

This first shot of the dining room is so charming. It has that library feel with the bookshelves mounted to the wall and is lit by a wonderful cylinder fixture. I am in LOVE with the rustic beam standing in between the dining and living rooms in the middle image. That purple feathered poof is just the perfect touch of eclecticness and charm. And how inviting a tray with fresh flowers, tea and macaroons!
Of course I simply could not resist the console with yet again, eclectic flair and more rustic touches. How fun to use two different lamp stands with the same shade. And the most clever conversation piece: the little tricycle under the table. I would have never thought to park this treasure in a living space. Too precious beyond words!

The highlight of the magazine was this extraordinary and enchanting tablescape with a desert feel.
The wooden and gold vases filled with fuchsia flowers and an assortment of other green and yellow plants were what took the show! A shot of this display was in the running for the cover of the magazine but was voted out by the model below resting on the wicker chair above. It was a beautiful cover, but I was a sucker for the table arrangement. This is the kind of gathering I would want to be invited to!

And to finish it off, a quaint resting area with Moroccan styled pillows and throw, and most importantly, romantic lit candles inside glass votives. The stealer of this show? That adorable, fluffy camel!! They actually rented him for the shoot! Impressive and appropriate, I'd say!

Time to invite friends over, lounge by the pool, light candles and tiki torches and indulge in the summers little thrills of BBQ's and reggae music! (That's my ideal summer party, anyway ;)
There was a feature on how to bring the islands to your very own backyard with luau themed treats and decor.

And there's even available print outs of invites, labels and tags to host your very own Island Escape Party!!
OH, and recipes for those beautiful fruit-iful pops!

Hope you enjoyed Rue Issue #6 as much as I did!
What were your favorite features?
If you haven't browsed through it yet, GO NOW!
and THANKS Rue team for another glorious read and look-through!!

sources* all courtesy of Ruemag

Risk Taker:Mix it up!

Mixing patterns, prints, textures and fabrics is all about taking risks. Like I've said before, pairing totally different styles or elements together adds interest and character to a room. You don't necessarily have to make a huge color contrast with your prints. You can go light and subtle. Or you can do the complete opposite, which will add different dimensions and reflect more bustling decor elements! ( I would personally take this route because I like more gutsy and obvious design, which is what most of these images consist of.) 

This last image is a quite serene and peaceful combination of prints and fabrics. A great example of subdued mixing. But even with the patterned wood flooring, it adds more depth. 

I just can't think of a better way to design a room with a more delivering personality!

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Summer Sights

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Little White Dress

Todays Friday's Fancies incorporates the little white dress. We all know too well that the little black dress is what you resort to for a classic, elegant look. This summer, we're changing it up! The little white dress is in action and ready to show off your natural glow. I couldn't resist the accessories. They would make me feel oh so charming and beautiful!

Happy Friday my sweet, sweet friends!

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Summer Staples with Sprinkles!

Want to check out my Summer Staples?! Head over to Sprinkles on Everything for the run down!
Emmy has got the right idea with posting! Who wouldn't want to check out everything with sprinkles on it?! She presents you with posts that will sure give your eyes something to flutter about! So check out the rest of her blog while you're at it! AND she has Sprinkles Tumbling too! It will sure delight!

Vintage Stamp Designs

Have you seen any old stamp designs that your grandparents or relatives have kept over the years? I am extremely fascinated by the designs and the meaning behind them. The more worn and discolored, the better! It truly is the vintage quality of the stamp and knowing that our ancestors licked the backs and stuck them on envelopes to deliver to loved ones so long ago that has me reminiscing and smiling.

Designs back then were truly remarkable!

source* stamps

Eclectic Glam

If I have to pick a combination style that speaks to me the most, it would have to be an eclectic-glam of unique lighting, furniture, colors, textiles and decor. It's a feeling of vintage-modern with a twist.
It's about taking pieces you already have and adding certain elements that might not seem would go with another piece, but when done correctly can make you think, "I never thought to put those together, but now it looks complete." I guess it's the quirky taste I have that makes me feel so strongly for styles like these.

Imagine putting wood and glass materials together and then placing it on a mirrored table. The wood and glass materials contrast nicely, and glam comes in on mirrored furniture or even in stunning chandeliers and small trinkets. More images on this visual coming soon!

source* Baxter Design Group

Run your heart out!

So I finally completed my first 5k run! It was a trail race that had you running up and down hills, splashing through mud and trucking through rocks, sticks and stumps! I heard shortly before the race that it was one of the hardest running trails in the country! Thanks a lot! I had jitters like no other before I even took off!
I quickly covered those nerves with the upbeat, loud music I had prepared in a playlist on my ipod. I gave myself a mental pep talk and then took off like my life depended on it! I prayed for strength, courage and the endurance to push forward with every step!
It was an experience I'll never forget and one that I proudly finished with my amazing and inspiring friends, who took on the 15k that day!! I'm aspiring to make the run on the same trail with them one day!
I do believe I've caught the running bug!! 

Lazy in the Park

Happy FRIDAY my bloggies! So glad to take advantage of some R&R this weekend!! That is, after I conquer my 5k on Saturday! Nervous, but excited at the same time to push my body to its absolute limit! I should've whipped up my running attire for today's post, but as a special treat, maybe I can present you with an extra outfit roundup on the big day!! Check back on Saturday for a Runners Ensemble!! 

Lazy, hazy day in the park will be much needed after a mentally and physically drained race!! And then possibly off to some outside dining!

Wish me luck!!

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Ring Digits

I am in LOVE with these number rings!! I caught them on a J.Crew ad and wish I had enough money to fork over to make the #4 mine! It's one of my favorite numbers and has sentimental value. I love stacking rings like the picture shown below and how beautiful would one of these numbers look in the mix?!

What would your number be?

source* lulu frost

Esther Ramirez:Mixed Media

I am so intrigued by the mixed media and installation artist Esther Ramirez. She uses simple paper, various textiles, fabrics and tape to form her artwork. As you can tell, color and pattern is what remain constant throughout her work. I love the variety of shapes and lines she creates to add a sense of playfulness in each installation.

Most of her work is made by printmaking, hand cutting and collage with assembly, she says.
I love the details of die cuts in the series above. The configuration of lines, space and patterns are without a doubt stimulating. 
The below image is a true artist at work. The process is indeed what excites me the most about art. It's an artwork in and of itself. 

Aside from installations, she makes little paper goods and fun wrapping. It's such a crafty and unique way to  decorate a gift. The printmaking on some of the packaging adds a certain dimension of texture and quality to the unique shapes she's created.

And my favorite has to be her self-imposed piece. I am so drawn to artists that use themselves to speak as artwork. And what better way than to cover your tights in bright coral dots!

Take a look at her paper goods line Essimar Papel for more inspiration!

sources* Essimarinterview

J.Crew Styles it Best!!

J.Crew has got to be one of my favorite stores for their bright, colorful and simple layouts in styling, window displays, case displays and store displays. I know for sure I'm one in a million that feels this way! I'm a huge fan of placement, colors and free forms. This is just a simple example from the latest J.Crew catalog that has me yearning to work in styling, once again : What an eye catchy layout! 

I'm pretty sure this is one of the places where I get my love for creating collages from!

source* J.Crew

Cooling things down

I've been drawn to more and more colder hue rooms lately; mainly turquoise. It's usually a staple color most summers and I can see why. It reflects a cool, refreshing glass of water and a chilling poolside you lay by in the sweltering heat.

All of these interiors are just glorious to me. The crispness and spaciousness of them all would be ideal to walk in after a day out in the sun. They're all a space to place your bare feat on and lounge for a while.

I think I could spend my whole day on this covered patio. 


What color interiors have you cooling things down this summer?

Beachy Chic

Linking up over at Long Distance Loving for a Beachy Chic outfit today!
As many of you know, I have a slight...okay, really bad obsession with the color coral. 
So of course, I chose a silky coral tank that screams the magnificence of its shade. 
I love using 3 colors in an outfit, room or design palette, 
so today, and all throughout my summer favorites, these 3 colors take the stage!

Cobalt Blue

As a gift to myself & after reaching certain attainable, yet challenging goals, I'm going to reward myself with these lovely, sleek sandals!
They're on the lower dollar end so I can make it happen. Plus, who wouldn't splurge on a footwear fancy such as this?!

and if you really adore this whole outfit, head on over and:

           right here ;)

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Creative House

Design Studios are what inspire artists in their work, spark creative ideas and give the extra adrenaline to proceed to the final rush of completion in a project. I aspire to have one of these beauties in the future to do just that. It will be a space to let creative juices flow and design projects to derive from.

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Guest Post over at: á la mode

Hop on over to my wonderful blogger friend's lovely place, á la mode, to see what my style and inspiration as a blogger consists of! While you're at it, check the rest of Jenna Lee's inspiring and eye worthy blog! Every day she has lots of trendy reports and helpful hints to drool over!

Red, White & Blue

There's nothing like being with your most precious loved ones over a holiday where you celebrate your independence! Hope everyone celebrated in the best way possible, with the people you love, under a sky full of fireworks!

And I'm proud to be an Americaaan!

This 4th of July, I plan on spending time with friends and family at a baseball game, followed by fireworks. On Sunday, we'll head to a live jazzy concert, "Pops in the Park," where the fam will gather up blankets, fruit, cheese, sandwiches and fruit pizza for dessert! If they're lucky, I might add in those delicious oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies!! Or maybe some of these yummy treats below!
And then of course, more spectacular fireworks to end it off right!

 Hope everyone has a terrific 4th of July weekend, filled with patriotic songs, food and fireworks!

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               jello moldfruit browniesice cream sandwicheschocolate covered strawberrys