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Hey Y'all! I'm Dana from Southern Inspired! I'm so happy to be guest posting today while my sweet sister is out of town. One thing you may not know about Drew - she adores the color purple. I know she has some purple inspiration up her sleeve that she will be showing you soon, but I wanted to share what's got me {plum} happy lately!

Love those pops of purple

Look at that purple chair!

And those dining table chairs...I'm swooning
Dream closet 

Shades of lavender

And since Drew does such amazing Inspiration Palettes, I thought I would try creating one of my own. 

Thanks so much for having me today, Drew! 

5 Things I Can't Live Without! (Tagged!) maybe it's 6...I'll tell you first and foremost, I can't always live with rules!  I tend to think outside the box, which is why my list got a little out of hand.  My sister, Dana, from Southern Inspired, tagged me to come up with 5 things I can't live without. I new for sure we would have the exact same "things" we couldn't live without.  Like she said, above all,  faith, family and friends are MUSTS! We're just identical like that. But, I tried to think of other "things," just to be different. ;) Another thing I can't live without is being different. Yet it's hard to be different when my sister and I have similar goals and interests. And I can't live without her! Awwww.....

1. I can't live without my morning coconut cream coffee!!! It's so delicious! I wake up to the smell of coffee and it boosts my spirits for the rest of the day! Coconut cream is the key! (try Target!)

2. The Bible, of course! This is the most important thing I absolutely can't live without! My whole life is centered around The Book. It's the foundation for my everyday life. This also includes Sunday services, get- togethers with brothers and sisters in Christ, and bible studies. When life gets you down, which we're told it will, center your thoughts towards the B-I-B-L-E! 

3. Daily phone calls with my sister! There's no way I can go for long periods of time without chats with the sissy! We talk everyday, being that she lives in Atlanta. Mostly about life, our blogs, starting our own company one day and of course talking in our obnoxious cute silly "voices" to each other! ;)

4. I am a move-aholic!! I can't live in one place for too long without packing up a u-haul and heading towards the next dream city! Which reminds me, I surely can't live without my GPS to get me everywhere in my new cities. To give you a preview of my destinations in the last 2 years--

Charlotte, NC
 Pittsburgh PA
 Belmont, NC
 Pensacola, FL
 Belmont, NC
Boca Raton, FL
 West Palm Beach, FL

 and now back to my hometown in Belmont, NC! Insane, I know!! My sis has been on a similar journey...That's why we're called the little gypsy sisters! Wouldn't trade it for a thing! I'm young and have the ability to travel and move all around the world!

5. I have an insane collection of eclectic heels and shoes! I believe it runs in my genes. My grandmother owned dozens and dozens of beautiful shoes and I'm proud to say I got the itch to purchase my own  since I was around 16 years old. I love them so much that I even have a unique display in my own bedroom! From shoes, of course, I love to shop in general. (or at least go window shopping.) But make no mistake, I only go for the sales and splurge very rarely!

6. Last, but definitely not least, my passion; my work. Art and Design! I love any form! But I enjoy graphic design, painting, decorating and fashion design. My friends will tell you I've always had a love for collages. I would be the one in the group to make the visuals for a project in class. Of course, I've gone on to study, make, and design my own art as I've grown older. Simply, I live, breath and dream it!

Sidenote:  other things I can't live without-

{pistachio pudding}
{the color coral}
{the movie theater}
{my elliptical machine}
{Felicity reruns}
{my blog}
{my dog, Chloë}

Well now that you have a small insight into the things I can't live without, let me go ahead and tag Chassity from Look, Linger, Love to give us her 5 things she can't live without! (You may cheat like I did Chassity..if I can break the rules a bit, so can you ;)

Happy FRIDAY!!!

Live with your heart

source* etsy

Setting the mood for your house

 Today's post is inspired by entryways, the first glance into your home. You wouldn't think that an entryway would be that important. However, it sets the mood for the rest of your house. Try to incorporate small features from other parts of your house into the entryway space. Whether it be colors, a theme or pictures, let it involve the style or scheme of your house as a whole. It will present your home in a way that is inviting, artful and overall balanced. Here are some examples:

You can even do center pieces if you have a long space to work with.

What is your idea of an entryway?

sources* images

I'm working on a friends entryway, which is what inspired me to think of different styles. This inspiration palette is what I designed to help me plan things out for the Price family:

Around this time of year...

It's about that time to step in clear, ocean waters and bask in the radiant sun. I don't know about you, but teal usually comes to mind for me in this seasons delight. You can pop this color on your outfit and make the most tropical statement. Pair it with coral, and boy I'll meet you in West Palm!

sources* most images..sorry misplaced my image links while designing this palette

The Kennedys - Trailer (8-Part Movie Event)


Getting ready for the April 3rd release of The Kennedy's 8-Part Movie Event! I love watching movies that are based on true stories and events. I get so involved and actually feel myself becoming part of the movie itself. I did this with Pearl Harbor, Titanic, Bobby, 9/11, Saving Private Ryan..and many other war and terror movies. No, it's not always easy to watch some of these movies but it's a part of our history and brings you more in touch with the reality of trials, war, terror and loss. And with that, whether you truly believe it or not, brings forth passion, peace, strength and the ability to put more power into prayer. Not sure if movies do that for you, but they sure move me that way.

Check out the trailer below! (Not going to lie-I'm excited to see Katie Holmes in this impersonating Mrs. Kennedy herself, and her famous stylish wardrobe!)

sources* imagesmovie trailer

Hey, I have 4 copper watches!!

Just trying to mix it up a bit!!

BFF's since way before 2000!!

My BFF and I were walking around Urban Outfitters and found this super cute gold I.D. bracelet!!  Sure, we already have 2 aged BFF necklaces, another newer one, a BFF bracelet, BFF charms, old BFF anklets, yada, yada, ya! But we spotted this one at UO and found it so cute that it reads Best Friends Since 2007. Thumbing through the hanger we found more that were from years 1998 to 2008. Wait! There's not any BEFORE 1998? GRRRRRRRRRrrrrrr  
So I just had to brag a little bit and let you know that if they WERE to engrave a year on our bracelets, it would be none other than the amazing, life-changing 1993!
I know, sickening, right? 18 years of your life with the same BFF? Tis True...and will be for another 70 some years!!

We made a deal to find our own gold BFF I.D. bracelets and engrave, "Best Friends since 1993"

Take that URBAN!!

If you have friends that you've met AFTER the year 2000, check out these BFF bracelets.

Get out for a...

Ready to head out and find some bargains today!! I'm taking a slight break from some freelance work to indulge in some shopping therapy, this wonderful Friday! Can't say that I've been in a while, but I'm definitely going to go all out and dress like I mean business!! You always feel a little better and more inspired when you've put some thought into a fun outfit. I tend not to splurge when I take the time to put together some of my favorite pieces of clothing. I guess it reminds me that I am already blessed to have what I have and adding just a few pieces is better than waisting a whole paycheck on expensive trends that you really just don't NEED! ;) 

Although, it is fun to dream!!


This kitchen is so bright and cheery. Definitely a great place to wander in and make breakfast! The unique addition to this kitchen are the upholstered club chairs around the table. Very often you see this style of chair in a living room. Adding it to the kitchen gives it more sophistication and relaxation. It helps to see the flowers and fruit give the room just enough of that pop of color.

The whimsical living area has just enough of a bed and breakfast feel. You wouldn't expect to see tables and chairs in this space with the ottoman in the center and the fireplace decorated as to convey a den or living room. How fun are those hanging lights and bubbles suspended from the ceiling?

That mauve colored wall set beside the kitchen is what attracted me most to this kitchen. (Probably because I painted one of my apartment bedroom walls the same color one time.) Even though the kitchen is quite small, the stainless steel drawers, cabinets and appliances give it character. Modern and unique. It would not be complete without the hanging pendant lights and spotlights in the kitchen.

If you weren't a fan of purple, you will be after you have an amazing dinner in this room. The stunning traditional wall sconces look exquisite in this dining area and give enough light to set the romantic mood. If you want to feel connected  to a dining room, lay purple carpet, paint purple walls and a blue ceiling and you'll feel like you've arrived at a private dinner party!

Let me crawl in that bed and read a romantic novel! The floral headboard is definitely the conversation piece in this bedroom. The mirrored night tables pave the way for more chicness and balance out the white comforter and headboard that would not look so elegant without this easy touch. It helps to have the purple lamps to give that warm glow you need to feel warm and cozy!

You can tell the decorator has a little spunk and character to fill this living area with a bright turquoise sofa, bubblegum pink curtains and that white furry pillow on the slingback chair. Oh and that gold coffee table is so romantic and chic! Not to mention the two crystal/glass sconces above the fireplace. It's the unexpected elements in this room that make it so enjoyable and eye-catchy!

Which room is your favorite? And what's so inspiring about it?

How do you wear your shoes?


A little Nudge

I'm counting on my family to tell me who's unborn baby this little boy looks like...

Or maybe it's just a little NUDGE to a certain couple to make me an auntie already!!

sources* image by gray, taken from looklingerlove :)

3 Layers of:

sources* 1. blouse  2. watch  3. handbag  4. vintage clock  5. popsicle  6. heels  7. belt  8. shorts