Friday's Fancies {April Showers}

Happy Friday my lovelies! 
Today's Friday's Fancies is jumpstarting the appropriate attire for April showers that will soon be 
upon us. I just LOVE these cute rain boots with the gold buttons on the side! 
I spotted them at Target this week and they come in at $29.99! 
Hope this inspires some of you to jump over to the store (or online) and swipe these cuties 
up before they're gone! Leggings will fit perfectly into the boots and your colorful coat will keep 
you dry and bright! Don't you just adore the waterproof tote to accommodate you during a rainy day? There's no reason to be gloomy about the rain when you can wear something as fun as this getup!


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 
I'll be spending mine in Iowa and Kansas City for one of my dearest friends' bridal and 
bachelorette party! So excited about my getaway and the chance to see some of my very favorite ladies!

What are you going to be up to?

Shoe to Room

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Click here to see more inspiration over at Made by Girl!

Colorblock on the Catwalk

 The designer Roks and Dailincic has some smashing color combos in their spring collection!
Take a look for yourself and I promise you'll want to add these shades to your wardrobe!




P.S. Check out what I did last night! ;)

Recreate the Look

Happy Monday everyone! 
Bringing you some interior inspiration today with a simple palette to recreate the look.

This living space is filled with rustic, modern and a spot of neo-classical influences.
I love a good mix of styles and this room sure knows how to mingle them together!

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Friday's Fancies

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The weather is perfect for a little tennis! Grab your racquet and come meet me on the court!
Happy Weekend, dears!

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We would do well...

Things have been kind of crazy the past couple weeks with business and celebrations.
It's truly made me realize how important balance is in your life.
I am grateful again for all of your continued support and am looking 
forward to new and improved changes happening here on Coral Café.
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FREE St. Patty's Day Printables! How lucky are you?

  In honor of St. Patty's Day, I've got a little treat for you!
I worked with one of my faves, Amy at Plain & Fancy Living, to come up 
with some FREE printables for a festive St. Patty's Day party!

Amy did a great job styling this St. Patty's Day celebration filled with doughnuts, orange juice and coffee!
Don't you just want a personal invitation yourself?

To get the free downloads, go to Plain & Fancy Living!

You can print off  
- "Luck of the Irish" print
- Flags for skewers or straws
- Circle Punch for skewers or even use as cupcake toppers

Hope your St. Patty's Day is quite enjoyable with lots of luck headed your way!


Thanks so much to all of you amazing ladies for your incredibly sweet birthday wishes yesterday! My heart was just filled with all kinds of love! Always remember you are the reason why Coral Café is open ;)

Today you can find me at darling Emily's blog, All You Need Is Love...

AND over at charming Amy's blog, Five Kinds of Happy!

Thanks to both adoring ladies for having me over to your beautiful blogs!

Grateful for another great year!

I just have to take a moment and share some birthday love with all of you!
I must admit turning 26 is a beautiful day.
I have learned so much and have grown in so many ways in just a short year.
I must give credit to this amazing blogging community and the endless support from you all throughout the entire year! I am so blessed to have you in my lives.
It's hard to believe how a year of blogging can change your perspective on life 
and I've loved every minute of it! 

It's my special day and I'm embracing and looking forward to it!
I can finally take some time to visit my favorite blogs, relax and drink a cup of coconut cream coffee, all the while munching on a chocolate chip stuffed "birthday cake" oreo 
that I made in honor of my brothers birthday yesterday!

Thanks for helping make my 25th a one to remember, and heres to making 26 even better! <3

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Inspiration Palette

Don't you just love a good feather print? Adds a little bit of sass to your life!

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Sweet Paul Magazine

The Sweet Paul Magazine is live today and covered with beautiful spreads, 
recipes and breathtaking images! 

Below is a glimpse at my favorite spreads!
Admire those beautiful watercolor paintings behind the food images!
An ad I designed is also featured in the magazine for one of my amazing clients, Amy Reister.
Her beautiful blog Plain & Fancy Living is such a great inspiration! Check her out!

and ENJOY the Sweet Paul Issue!

Shoe to Room

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All a Bloom

If you receive Anthropologie emails, you got to see firsthand the gloriousness of these flower inspired looks! It's certainly a spring trend, this floralwear! Blooms are popping up everywhere just in time for warmer weather...let's all become floralista's today, shall we?

Want to see what floral pieces are making a buzz on my list? 
Check below and tell me your favorite!



Want to see what I'm dreaming of having in my beach bag this summer? 
Go to A Day in the Life and Mind to see what I'm dying to have!

Tip of the day:

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If you haven't already, you MUST check out the new design of Let it be Beautiful! You might remember Ashlyn before from My Unrehearsed Life. Well, she gave her blog a new and improved name, look and feel! I must say it's quite charming and you won't want to miss out on these reads!

Since it's a new blog, follow along to keep up with Ashlyn and her inspiring posts!

Recap Of Glamorous Gadabout

I just want to personally thank Poppy, of Project Gadabout for featuring me last week as a Glamorous Gadabout! It was such an honor and fun project to work on to share with you all a little glimpse into my personal loves and favorites. Poppy did such a beautiful job putting everything together and coming up with some great Q & A's! If you would like to check out the posts for the week, head on over to this link!

Be sure to check out the next coming weeks of some truly amazing talents as they become
part of the *Glamorous Gadabout* edition!

Friday's Fancies

Looks like my Friday's Fancies are starting to turn in Saturday Soirée's!
Better late than never, right? 

I couldn't wait to create an outfit styled around this years award winning color, Tangerine Tango!
Who wouldn't want to wear this bright and exhilarating color?
I decided to give it an edgy twist by adding metallic gold and snakeskin accents. 
Pretty feisty if you ask me! 
{ I'll let Ms. Show-stopping Blazer speak for herself. }


Over at Style Villa

If you haven't already, you MUST check out Style Villa! These two sisters have impeccable style and serve up some amazing interior design and fashion inspirations daily!

I am so flattered they asked me to take over their space for the day to show you how to live your life in the FABULOUS! Don't feel guilty when you want to strut around in those metallic green pumps on a random day of the week, or light your favorite candle and let it burn all night. 
We're only promised one day, why not live it fabulously!

Go see what makes me feel fabulous!!

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Design Darling {The Boutique}

The day has finally arrived for the lovely and ever so stylish and exquisitely preppy, Mackenzie Horan!
At only 22 years old, Mackenzie has unveiled her Design Darling {The Boutique} TODAY! I am already squealing at some of the products and at very affordable prices! Can't beat that! Go check it out and be sure to add some of these fabulous pieces to your home and closet!

 Aren't those pencils just darling?! 

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Shoe to Room coming up later today! Be sure to check back!