My Firstborn-pup turned 8!!

Sunday the 14th was my Josie girls 8th birthday!!  I'm so sad I couldn't spend it with her in NC.  If you've ever watched Marley and Me, (if you haven't you should) you will understand the unique, crazy filled life of a rambunctious lab. (in my case, a sharpei-lab) Josie has always been the first to stand up for her family and will outrun all your dogs at the first glance of a squirrel. I bet your furry friends won't go find a turtle in the woods on command, either!  Josie is a one-and-only best friend for life.  No matter how many times we've had to yell at her for running off to greet the neighbors, (who walk around with large sticks near our house), she melts your heart even at the pounce of those scratchy paws on momma's hard wood floors. Daddy loves her deep down in his heart. (although he will never admit it to anyone!) She respects him more than anyone for it. She loves a good drink from the bathroom sink with her paws perched on the counter, her curly tail wagging. She rarely misses her prayer before she gobbles up every last bit of food after the "Amen!" And puts her head down on your lap to show off before she gets a treat. She's a strong, independent lady with a deep, courageous bark. But you've got her smiling the most when she gets to go for a ride in the front seat of your car with her head hanging out. (what dog doesn't love that?) So even though "Marley" comes out in Josie at times, she has the heart that forgives you over and over when you take out your bad days and moodiness on her. Her love and faithfulness is beyond words can describe. And she'll always be my first love.

What Day is Today?

Friday is a day to shop!!  Or so it is in Palm Beach!!  I have the opportunity to take a suit, a shirt and an eye-catchy tie for a man and turn it into what I see as art!  Being surrounded by mens clothing everyday at this time in my life has opened my eyes to fashion trends in the male world.  Not to mention the romancing of the garment and persuasion to see beneath the surface of just an ordinary outfit has such an effect on a guy.  If you make him feel confident in what he is wearing, he will wear it proudly and show his wife or girlfriend what a difference it makes to come out looking made up once in a while (instead of sporting the same old mud or spaghetti stained t-shirt and those jeans he just can't live without rocking at least six or so holes ripped at the seams!)  I love a guy in sweats just as much as the next, but every once in a while I like to see the effort he puts into dressing up for dinner or going out to Sunday service.  At Nordstrom, I help your men do just that! (You'll thank me, later! ;)

Ben Shurman Charcoal Pinstripe Wool Suit $495-what a steal!!

David Donahue Traditional Fit Dress Shirt $125

BOSS woven silk tie $95

Like I said, he still looks pretty good in those comfy sweatpants too!  Just make sure he shops for those with me too!  We've got loungewear and sportswear for those laid back, do-nothing days.

Give me a scenario...I'll come up with the perfect outfit choice!!

The Sunny South

There's a new view..a new outlook..a new perspective..a new scene..a new life..

This new life happens upon Palm Beach Gardens.  Also know as a Signature City, life can be described here as vibrant with lush, tropical ambiance. There's more than enough to do and endless restaurants and fine shopping to be had. I'm lucky to call this place my least until I'm ready for 
my next destination, that is!!


Freezing Florida??

Well I finally made the move to Florida and was expecting sunny, warmer weather...but, instead..its about 40!!  I just moved into my new office which is connected to the outside doors.  Let's just say I'm feeling cold drafts around every inch of my body when the door opens at least 40 times a day with new clients, colleagues, the strapping boss man, an older man with an amazing english accent and plenty of people in between. I'm getting used to Pensacola but am afraid I will LOVE it in a couple more weeks when the sun decides to pop its huge head atop this beautiful, serene place!

As for everything else, I'm missing my sister and her fresh bait husband!!  I haven't been able to see them since they got back from their honeymoon in Punta Cana and squeal over all the hundreds of beautiful pictures they took! I always imagined sharing my sisters' memories of her honeymoon over coffee the night she got back in my parents warm lit house. But I guess nowadays, we have to blog through our memories!!

Happy Blogging!!

Sisters Engagement Pictures

I was incredibly excited as I viewed my sister and SOON to be bro-in-law's engagement pictures!! A close friend of ours is the photographer and boy does she have some uber talent!! Dana and Blake are such posers for the camera anyway, but with creativity involved, you have the perfect combination of photographs that capture their true bond and love for each other.

With only a week and some days until the knot is tied, planning is still in the midst of progress. The forecast is calling for a chilly Saturday so hopefully we will be breaking out in sweats from getting hair and makeup done and running around with finishing touches that we will be glad for the cool off when we step outside!!

Enjoy these two lovebirds <3

Somebody stole Blake's kissesssss!!