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Fridays's Fancies

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It's Friday's Fancies and I'm feeling casual and hip today! I went on a little shopping trip with my mom last Friday and we were going gaga for all the clothes at Anthropologie. My mom died over those orange linen pants and I thought yet again, I have definitely got your style, momma! I picked up an adorable blouse that had enough hint of peach to look good with the pants...noticing, the best part about it? The back with the super cute tied knot! Of course I couldn't help but pull off the gem-stoned necklace close by and- Tada! We've got a winner! We had found the perfect styled outfit for "mommy & me." ;)
Searched for some braided flat pumps online and then found this "patina-kissed brass curl" ring. That name just says it all...and the look is complete!

Happy Friday Lovely Blog Friends! ;)

I was searching around on the Joss & Main site and came across these beautiful vintage nautical prints!
What could describe a more beachy feel than these beautiful shells and octopus? They look so good in a placement of four. I chose these specific four because of their coloring and intricate shapes. Also because of the way they looked as a whole in terms of the composition.
Of course I decided to play around and see what they would look like above a console table and what decor I would choose to place with them. I went in Z Gallerie last weekend and just admired this resin clam shell, and thought boy, it would look so good under this table!

There's plenty more to choose from so go check out them out now!

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Versatile & Stylish Blogger Award

Jenna over at a' la mode was so gracious to award me the Versatile Blogger Award yesterday! I have to apologize to my sister, Dana, over at Southern Inspired, who awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award way back in March and I totally forgot about it! The requirements are about the same so I thought I'd creatively combine the two. You're supposed to come up with 7 things about yourself that someone might not know about you.

Here it goes!

1. Long Distance Relationships- Not sure why, but I have had at least 3 serious long distance relationships! Others that have not been so serious are still from or living in another state. It's just my luck to meet such a catch and then quickly find out yet again, he lives in Timbuktu!! I can totally relate with {av} Long Distance Loving. I seriously can't complain, though. The beauty lies within getting to know the person really well and having the freedom to live your life from day to day aside from the relationship. Plus, I'm always ready for the next road trip!

2. Coral & Lavender- My favorite Color Combo for sure!! Ranging from different shades and hues of the two colors are completely acceptable and recommended! I've loved both colors throughout my life and found out recently combining the two is pure magic!!

3. Skirts & Dresses Please!- I am a huge fan of skirts and dresses for the simple fact that you can walk around in them freely! The only pants I ever wear are jeans. But my legs are more comfortable in the latter for sure!

4. Skydiving- My junior year of college I took the plunge and went skydiving!! Best adrenaline rush ever!! There's nothing else like it and you just can't explain the experience...MUST DO! PERIOD!

5. Movies Alone- I'm that girl who goes to the movies by herself. Silly to most, lame to others..I know. Sometimes I go solo because nobody else can go or just because I want that time to think and be entertained by myself. I am a strong believer in doing certain things all on my own. Who says you can't be entertained in a theater by yourself? And more times than none I grab my favorite theater treat: buttered popcorn, raisinete's and Cherry Coke!!

6. No Picky Eater Here!- I can say without a doubt that I like every kind of food there is. If I don't, I want to fight the pickiness and try it til I like it! haha I'm sure glad I sucked it up because I can't see how I ever lived without guacamole, blue cheese, olives and brussels sprouts!

7. Closet Singer- I love to sing! A LOT! Not for the sound of the voice but the feelings I get and the stress I relieve when I sing. I've played around and recorded on tapes since I was 12. Since then, I've sang at an open mic show and my sisters wedding. Other than that, if I know you, you probably won't hear me sing. Unless you're lucky. I'm incredibly shy when singing in front of people I know. So secretly in my room and driving in my car are the only places my music glands will ever let loose!

Now I'm given the chance to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award to 3 bloggers and the Versatile Blogger Award to 15 of my favorite and/or new blogs to me, that I find just plain fabulous!

Here goes:


 Try it on me Girl

(Come up with 7 things about yourself that someone might not know about you and then send the award along to your favorite 3 Stylish Bloggers!)


Ampersand Design Studio

(Come up with 7 things about yourself that someone might not know about you and then send the award along to your favorite 15 Versatile Bloggers!)

These happen to be my daily reads...Once you check them out, they'll be sure to be yours too!

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Sail Away

I love to dream, obviously, so I'm taking the day off in my head and headed to a glorious ocean to sail away on this magnificent sail boat! Of course it wouldn't feel as venturesome if I wasn't dressed for the occasion in my breezy and dazzling attire. Add some binoculars and a good book and I'm set!

Where is your mind taking you off to today?

Pattern + Room

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It's been a pretty long week and I'm ready to have a date with.....Friday's Fancies aaaand MYSELF!! Time to settle down, snuggle up and watch a good movie. Including: snacking on popcorn and indulging in pistachio ice cream! Check out all the must-haves for my Oh so Fancy Date Night!!

How do you plan to spend your weekend??

Dreaming of a...

With a little....

Sometimes you just need to get out and clear your head. A little pampering never hurt anyone either ;)
Looking forward to bliss in a couple weeks...

What's got you dreaming?


Bangles are all sorts of HOT right now! I'm used to wearing a watch and skinny bracelet, so a lot of these thick bangles will take some getting use to. But I think they're totally worth it and can really spruce up the look of an outfit. And all come in at the super low price of Forever21!

I found two more cuties added this morning!

Roll with Punches of Color!

When white and beige just aren't doing enough for you anymore, sometimes you gotta just roll with punches of color!! Don't be shy...It can be daring and fun, I promise!
These interiors by Camilla Molders are exactly what I'm talking about! She's not shy at all about painting and tiling an entire kitchen wall with bright teal, while adding splashes of red for a contrast kick, or flat out going against the rules and painting a living room wall black and making up for it by using every color in the rainbow to jazz it back up!

Camilla knows how to roll with punches of color and makes sure it doesn't go unnoticed. Look at this red feathery poof against the fireplace and then that aqua desk light stuck right in front of it! She has no shame in making such bold statements.

And then of course one of my favorites is the ocean room, as I'd like to call it. That magnificent, turquoise ocean print hits you in your face right when you walk in the room! And oh that rug!! Dark cobalt richness! The sea green bench and pillows bring in the other two colors nicely, balancing it out.

And just in case you haven't gotten enough punches to turn a dull living space into color galore, here's a little palette I made for you to get you started in the right direction!

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And if that didn't do it, Lenka sings it best in her catchy animated font video, Roll with the Punches!

I'm sure I didn't have to convince you that much on how to roll with punches of color, right? ;)


I made it to 100 followers over the weekend! I am so grateful for all of my blogger friends to inspire, uplift, and share in the art, design and fashion realm of life! I'm equally grateful for those that have other aspirations, dreams and loves of life. Thanks for your support and I owe it to you for continuing to follow along in one of my favorite design elements!

Just a few Coral Cafe inspirations and other {past design posts} inspirations!

And a special thank you to Aubrey at Love all things Bright and Beautiful for becoming my 100th follower! ;)

Friday's Fancies Favorite Summer Style

Linking up for the 3rd time over at Long Distance Loving for Friday's Fancies! 
I've designed with my favorite summer style, an outfit that encompasses everything I love about colors, textures and patterns! I started going more bohemian in my wardrobe when I moved to Florida last year. I guess it just felt right to wear flowing blouses, tunics, and head scarves on the breezy Florida beaches.
Now that I'm back in NC, I don't plan to change this distinctive and chic style. All I plan to do is make it more noticeable and eclectic! Because of course, that's what we artists and designers tend to do! ;)
Are you with me?!


Neon has started to come full force into trends over the past year! A couple years back I wouldn't have been such a fan, but if done correctly and at most times sparingly it can look edgy and bold, grabbing your attention like no other.

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Neon interiors can even be loads of fun! I'm not bold enough to go so far as to take the risk in my home, but I think it would be a gutsy attempt in an art and design studio. Imagine strolling into work everyday and being hit with these flashing brights!

And then of course we've got the trendy beauty kick going on that's oh so hot for the summertime! Neon Nail Polish and Lipstick!

Would you rock neon? or is it just way too 80's and too out there for you?


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Glamourizing the Kitch

I fell in love with the beautiful pattern and color of this unique blue and gray tiled backsplash! It continues to the ceiling which makes it especially distinctive. The swing-arm lighting gives it just the right amount of accented warmth. Adding the porcelain blue teakettle, mimicking just enough of the blue from the tiles without being overkill, turns it into a major focal point. 

Then you spot the extra cabinets with the open windows up top and the spotlights illuminating through the glass and you've got the perfect combination of glamour and delicacy to make this kitchen speak volumes of charm!

What's your favorite element in this kitchen?

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A Happy Mothers Day

"She is clothed with strength and dignity; 
she can laugh at the days to come.

She speaks with wisdom,
and faithful instruction is on her tongue.

She watches over the affairs of her household
and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Her children arise and call her blessed;
her husband also, and he praises her.

Many women do noble things,
but you surpass them all.

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised."

Proverbs 31

Feast your eyes upon a...

Since it is Cinco de Mayo, I felt like all of these bright, lustrous interiors and exteriors captured it to a T!
I will be enjoying sitting poolside, eating chimichangas, chips and guacamole and of course something decadent and sweet at Ocean Isle Beach this weekend..all the while strutting around in something as festive as this! Can't tell you how much I need this vacay!!

How do you decide to spend your Cinco de Mayo?? Go check out what these chicas are doing over at Jillians blog!! ;)))

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Sweet Joy

A dear, sweet friend of mine just had a beautiful bundle of joy over the weekend! I am so thrilled for her and wanted to dedicate this post to her and her precious baby girl <3

May God bless her, and those that surround her and love her dearly, all the days of her life.

Congrats Love!

design is..

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Beauty from Above

Ever get tired of staring up at the boring white ceiling? It's becoming a new trend these days to add a different dimension to your living space by painting the ceiling. Give your 5th wall some much needed attention! It's safe to either paint a contrasting hue from your existing wall color or just a lighter/darker shade. 

If you want to be even more gutsy, you'll paint or even wallpaper the ceiling with your most chic pattern.

Painting your ceiling can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, even a feeling of seclusion since your eye moves all around each element from the floor to the ceiling in most cases. The ceiling uplifts the room visually, much like a long mirror does, creating expansion.

If you're looking to make a strong impact in a room, a painted ceiling is definitely unexpected and different, sending out the message that you're one confident decorator that's not afraid of taking color and pattern to the next level!!

Would you be gutsy enough to paint your ceiling?!