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The ever so lovely and stylish Julie from Julip Made has created a new series to show that bloggers aren't always just about glitter and sparkles. I just love this idea and think it's so great to delve in deeper to bloggers minds and see what other interests or causes that are near to their heart. Today is my day to tell you what hits home with me. Then of course I will tell you how I think blogging has impacted me and the rest of the world and what we can do to help impact even our own community.

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Back over at Project Gadabout to share with you my top 10 favorite posts!
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I am beyond honored to be this weeks Glamorous Gadabout on Project Gadabout!
Each day this week you will get to know me a little bit more. What's my signature food, what's my most embarrassing moment and what or who am I currently crushing on?
You'll find out all this and more on the the perky and always fun Project Gadabout!

Take a Hike in Colorwear

The weather has been giving me cheery thoughts of bright colors and hiking weather.
Almost time to start switching the wardrobes up again as we peak around to spring in the horizon.
Even the men in our lives can shine some light on their attire.
Lead the way, ladies!

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Friday's Fancies {Oscars Night}

That's right! We're walking down the red carpet at the Oscars on Friday's Fancies!
I'm rocking a vibrant lime gown with pops of cobalt and coral.
I'm thinking I should curl my hair and twirl it in a low, classy bun.
Then I'll blow a kiss with my bright red pout and wave my diamond ring in the air
as I go sit with my future husband!  


Enjoy your weekend, loves!

Shoe to Room

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Rooms Inspired by the Coast

Please welcome Jessica from Arcadian Lighting, as she is going to take you on a tour through some beautiful rooms inspired by the coast. This is the perfect time to start switching gears and prepping our minds for the looks of warmer, beachy months! Who's with me?!


Hi! I'm Jessica, I get to write about interior design for Arcadian Lighting, an awesome website for affordable lighting fixtures. I'm delighted to be a guest here at Coral Cafe because I'm going to be sharing a collection of modern living rooms inspired by the beauty of the coast. Fresh, bright colors, plenty of sunshine and sparkling glass accents, coastal interiors are nothing short of inviting. I hope you enjoy!

Coastal Living Room

The cool, casual and rustic atmosphere in this living room is inspired by Scandinavian design. The wood burning stove is a fun authentic feature.

Coastal Living Room

The vibrant yellow in this living room inspires wonderful memories days spent at the beach. The coral designed side table is a clever nod to the ocean theme without being too literal.

Coastal Living Room

Very pale yellows and blues give this living room a gentle, soothing atmosphere. The coral print on the arm chairs is a charming accent. I love the wall sconce above the fireplace, as well.

Coastal Living Room

This lovely, feminine living room draws on the Danish coast for inspiration. The simple furnishings, cozy blankets and pillows have icy dark blue and grey colors, with splashes of pink. A uniquely modern space.

Coastal Living Room

The bold red and blue colors and the variety of patterns in this living room have a very bohemian feel to them. Blue and white is instantly synonymous with the sea, as is the Grecian key pattern on the rug.

Coastal Living Room

I love the subtle nautical feel of this living room. Bright red accents and blue and white stripes draw on sailor's uniforms and the black and white print of a sailing ship is gorgeous. The oversized floor lamp is a very modern touch.

Coastal Living Room

Deep, dark shades of blue and coral patterns look beautiful against the all-white walls. The wicker furniture and the shades have a very casual feel that is perfect for this room.

Coastal Living Room

While this impressive living room already has a gorgeous view of the sea, the dÈcor takes on the brilliant warm colors of a coastal sunset. The room is also very modern with its simple lines, plain textiles and a pleasant ceiling light hanging in the distance. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Which of these coastal rooms is your favorite? Let us know! And stop by Arcadian Lighting for more design inspiration and a fun, beachy pendant light for your home!

C Wonder Finds

C Wonder has some pretty great new products online right now. The color scheme is blue and white and what better way to embrace this combo before heading into spring!
The patterns are chic and the products are even chicer!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 89


Thanks to my sweet friend, Ava from Glitter Y'all for supporting my Shoe to Room series!
You should definitely check out her new blog and business! They are doing some incredible things and offering great event planning services over at Borrowed and Blue Events!

Thanks to Sugarlips!

I was so thrilled when my dress from Sugarlips (fashion brand based in downtown L.A.) arrived this weekend! They so graciously let me model one of their amazing dresses from their fabulous collection.
It wasn't hard for me to spot the Stop and Stare dress and think twice about putting this 
wonderfully striped red, black and white number on!

I paired it with my nude pumps, coral neon Bfrend bracelet and neon yellow dangled earrings and bangle. Of course my Tory clutch was the perfect accessory to pull all of the colors together nicely.

Looking forward to working more with Sugarlips and perusing their amazing site full of fun fashion!

Also linking up again with In Honor of Design for the True Beauty Files.

Friday's Fancies {Guest Posting}

It just so happens that the Friday's Fancies theme this week correlates with a guest post I created for the lovely Tiffany of The Designer Lifestyle today.

I don't know about you but I've dreaming pretty hard about the warm sun, springwear and all the gloriousness of the spring and summer months.

Here's a sneak peak of my outfit! Go check out the rest here!

Happy Weekend Dears!!

Shoe to Room

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New Blog Design {The Good Life}

Introducing the new The Good Life! Working with Callie was wonderful. She wanted something southern, simple and fun with coral, yellow and aqua to brighten her space up! She truly is a southern beauty and blogs about all of her loves, including: food, family, friends, fashion and faith, just to name a few.
Head on over and check her out!

Check it out!

Scoot on over to Made by Girl for a little Valentine's decor post, filled with Love-ly <3

Happy Valentine's Day

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True Beauty Files Link-Up

Good morning sweet friends! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Mine was pretty laid back and COLD!
Winter decided to turn its frigid cheek in NC this weekend. 

I am participating in Anna's The True Beauty Files link-up today! I loved the idea that Anna came up with to show the style and fashion of a modest woman. We all get so caught up in the glamour and glitz of hollywood fashion and sometimes forget to stay true to who we are and how God has created women to represent purity, modesty and conservative dress. I think there are so many ways to portray beauty in a woman who likes to dress for fun and as a representation and unique style of oneself, with a void of cleavage or a lot of leg to be shown. 

I admit to not always having dressed the way I think God would want me to, but am so fortunate for friends like Anna, who has shown me, as well as other women, that you can look beautiful and still be pleasing to God when styled modestly, no matter what size, height or color you are.

Here is my first take on an outfit with all of this in mind.
Forgive the camera quality. I am not an owner of a high-tech camera, nor am I a model by any means. Haha I had to just let loose and have fun with this little shoot, as I am quite nervous to pose by myself. I'm hoping to become more confident in taking these pics and hope I give you the courage to express yourself and join with us in Monday's True Beauty Files!

cardigan-forever 21/ skirt-JCrew/ belt-forever21/heels-forver 21/earrings-forever21/
watch-fossil (from a sweet friend ;)/bracelets-gifts

Anna's Inspiration for the True Beauty Files:

A lookbook for the modern modeste.
"The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It's the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows & the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years." 
~ Audrey Hepburn

Fridays Fancies {Valentine}

In honor of Valentine's Day, Friday's Fancies has come up with the best outfit to represent this romantic holiday! Most have created the pink and red colorblock trend, and while I adore the color combination myself, I couldn't help but showcase my signature color for the special holiday. 
This would be something I would wear on a romantic date or a small get together 
with friends or family at a fancy restaurant.


Do you have any special plans for Cupid's Holiday?
I'm hoping to go watch The Vow and fill up on sugary treats!

Happy Weekend, my loves! <3

Have you heard?!?!

One of the best magazines to ever hit the stands is coming BACK!!
We've all drooled over past images and designs, now we can rekindle that love and dive back in to the incredible pages once more! Check for it in April!!

source* @gadabout

Making Lists

In an attempt to better organize myself and make sure my to-do's get accomplished, I need a pleasant looking notebook or pad to help me get excited to write in it, of course!

I'm really loving the look of these!

source* pin via missmoss

Friday's Fancies {Spring Fever}

I know, I just turned February and we're seeing spring outfits! I don't mind it one bit. I happen to love spring (just as much as the next person!) If you've got the fever, be sure to
peruse Friday's Fancies to pick up on the newest, hottest spring trends!

Pairing a neon, pastel and a dark shade make for a great, balanced outfit if you ask me! Hence, this little number. Hope this color combo can be of some inspiration for your wardrobe switch in the next month or two, depending on your location. It was in the 60's today here in NC!
No wonder I'm doing a happy spring dance!


Thanks to all of my sweet supporters for your vote yesterday! Means the world to me!
Happy weekend ladies!

Shoe to Room

I am pretty smitten with green rooms right now, and green heels, for that matter! Add a touch of gold and voila! A rich, luxe combination!


P.S. Thanks to those who have voted for me so far on Refinery 29's The Next Big Style Blogger!
I by no means think I am worthy of such a reward when I look up to so many incredible women who dress and put themselves together so perfectly everyday! I use my blog as a simple outlet for fashion and decor by using existing products and pieces and not myself. 

Nonetheless, I would really appreciate your vote ;)
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