New Blog Design

So as some of you know, I've been designing blog designs as part of Coral Café's services.
A great blogger friend of mine, Katie, was looking for a simple, clean design mixed with pastels.
Of course, a little dash of gold glitter was added to snazz it up!
The new design was launched yesterday and I'm so excited to share it with you today. 

Here I unveil the new Keep Calm and Carry On:

Be sure to check out this wonderful blog!! 

Email me today if you have any blog design inquires! 
I have a special going on and you don't want to miss it!

Happy Birthday to my Sister!

Happy Birthday to the most amazing sister anyone could ask for!
I am so honored to even call such an inspiring, beautiful, loving, dedicated and incredible woman my sister. She makes my heart melt. She encourage and inspires me. She pushes me. She brings me back to reality. God gave her to me to help me get through this life. No doubt about it. 
Here is to my soul sister, my very best friend.

I love you, Dana, and hope this birthday is truly amazing because you deserve every bit of it!

source* imgimgimg


I found this image while cleaning up my desktop tonight! 
I'm pretty sure this was tucked somewhere in my brain while redesigning the blog, ya think?!

Friday's Fancies Guest: a {little} dash of ash!

Hello lovely readers of Coral Cafe - I am Ashley from a {little} dash of ash!  Drew and I are swapping blogs today to share our Friday's Fancies with you!  I love linking up with {av} on Fridays as it allows me to dream big and create fun outfits off of inspirations I have seen around the web (or in stores).  Today, I am inspired by Elie Saab's Spring 12 Runway Collection - pastels!

images {via}
  But.. not only are they fabulous on the Runway - check them out in "real life" as well...

images {via}
And, here is my outfit inspiration:

polyvore created by {ashley gale}
Thank you {av} for pairing me up with Drew!  I am so excited to be featuring her on my {blog} as well - so hop on over to see her fancies!  Also, if you like what you saw above... here are my other Friday's Fancies {creations} - check them out if you have a minute!! xxoo.
Thanks Drew! :)

I am drooling over those pastel gowns! Thanks to Ashley for gracing the blog today!
Hope you all have a magnificent weekend!

Shoe to Room

source* shoeroom

Spotlight: Sheridan French

If you haven't already seen this stylish momma's newest collection from the Resort Lookbook 2012, speed over right now!! I promise you won't feel the least bit of regret, except for the fact that you'll be shouting and begging for a tropical excursion to wear these brilliantly designed tunics by Sheridan herself!!

Go Check out the NEW Southern Inspired!!

My sister, Dana, did a tremendous job on learning the basics of photoshop and illustrator through our one-on-one skype tutorial lessons!! She was able to use the knowledge of the software to create her own look for her blog that represents her and Southern Inspired best! Although she gives me a lot of credit for the design, I can tell you that the colors, logo and layout were ALL HER ideas!! 
(I just walked her through the minor details.) Go check it out NOW!! 

So proud of you Dana! Thanks always for your tremendous support and faith in me!
You know I have just as much faith in you and mile long visions of your own expertise!!

Stay tuned for more blog designs created by Coral Café!!
If you want to learn how to get a special deal before I launch my blog design portfolio, 
email me at:

Kitchens to admire...

I went to Ikea with some friends over the weekend to help them pick out furniture 
and the highlight of this visit, to me, were the kitchens. 

While browsing the internet to find more inspirational kitchens, I came across some with fun wallpaper! It definitely gave the kitchen added interest and had me imagining what it would be like to plaster someones kitchen with suzani or floral wallpaper.

I really like the look of a clean, white kitchen with industrial lighting, paper lanterns or wicker shades. Fun prints can also be added for extra pizazz, whether that be in rugs, pillows or wallpaper.

I appreciate a good mix of woods, metals, marble and glass when envisioning the perfect kitchen.
It's definitely all about the details in these kitchens and in my palettes.


How do you envision your perfect kitchen?


Rue Spotlight: Danielle Moss

I just couldn't get over the home feature from the newest issue of Rue! My amazingly talented blogger friend, Danielle, took the lucky and very well-deserved spotlight in this issue! Her Chicago apartment is filled with a light and airy ambiance that has you itching to recreate a similar space. 

 The pops of gold, gray and pink add so much feminine flair throughout the home. Danielle even painted that spotted gold and silver canvas that leans above the wall in her living room! 
The also, talented and gorgeous Alaina and Liz helped in styling this charming place of abode and even Danielle's very own wardrobe. I must say they did more than a fantastic job!

How can you not love that sweet pup, Buddy, relaxing in his momma's beautiful home?!

The arrangement of the wall gallery and the desk setup is perfect!
It makes me want to start fresh with my own desk at home.
What a perfect spot to work at everyday!

I couldn't showcase Danielle's home without adding a photo of this adorable metal storage case that hangs in her kitchen! How brilliant! I would never think to display such kitchen accessories!! Love!

If you haven't heard already, Danielle and her other lovely sidekick Alaina, are launching their "ultimate online resource" site, The Everygirl, next month!! So much excitement about this and their amazing tool to help ladies around the world make their dreams come true!!
You won't want to miss it!!

New Look!

It's taken a lot of sprucing and glitzing to turn this Café into a place that reflects my personal style and ultimately a place where I can "Unwind and Design." Most of my outfits and home decor are not complete without a little sparkle and shimmer here and there. 
This is my way of accessorizing my quaint café. 

Take a look at the new buttons to explore!! I added more links to my favorite and inspirational blogs too! It's a pretty long list but I could not be where I am today without all of your support!
Hope you like it!

There is also some very exciting news in February where my
very own services will be available to you!

New Series:

My fascination with shoes continues to rooms. Join me in admiring the two together!

source* shoeroom

In the Spotlight

I just have to put the spotlight on one gorgeous lady who has done incredible work throughout the years, playing charismatic, life wrenching and sometimes daunting roles. I saw her on the Golden Globes last night for a split second and was blown away by her sense of beauty and glow she had about her. Always a  gorgeous woman, but last night she had a sense of class, chicness and, my friend put it perfectly last night calling her "chic but demure."


I watched her grow up on Dawson's Creek back in the day and I am overwhelmed at how far she has risen from an aspiring actress!

I've never seen a more adoring pixi cut! 
Almost reminds me of a young Julie Andrews, which also happens to be one of my favorite actresses!

I'm so looking forward to seeing her part in "My Week with Marilyn!"

Friday's Fancies {Color Crush}

Happy Friday! Friday's Fancies is kicking off with a color we're currently crushing on!
If you've been keeping up with the past couple weeks of posts, you might suggest I have a crush on COLOR in general! I've always been a lover of color, but it usually heightens in the spring and summer months. This year it has crept on me a little early. January is the month for color!
Brave a bright colored jean, a fun-mixed patterned blouse and purple suede heels!


Don't forget to kick up your heels and have a relaxing weekend ;)

January Shades in Decor

via imgimgimg

I'm continuing today with the same trend of pastels and brights, but in the realm of decor.
I love the juxtaposition of a pastel wall surrounded by bright colored furniture and accessories.
It's a beautiful balance of lights and brights and extremely refreshing to the eyes to see such a contrast in colors. Sometimes the look is very subtle, while other times it strikes such a distinction between the shades!

via img

via imgimgimg



ps...Stay tuned for Friday's Fancies later on today!

January Shades

images via jcrew tumblr

January can usually feel like a drag, once the intensity of the holiday subsides.
Want to know how to beat the winter blues?
Pair a neutral or pastel outfit with bright and colorful accessories!
The light colors represent cloudy, snowy days while the brights perk them up!
Now that's a sure fire way to turn drab into fab!!


Holiday Update

The holidays were extremely special this year! I'm a little late on sharing 
tidbits from my holiday, so here are some snaps that show you what I was
up to! My best friend who moved to NYC came home, the most anticipated arrival
of my sister and brosef-in-law finally made its way here, and my precious cousins
made it to MaMaw's house for the traditional Christmas Eve showdown!
Of course, many more photos were taken so I will be sure to share more
memories throughout the year that mean so much to me ;)

One of my closest friends made it in just in time to ring in the New Year!
We love getting all dolled up and sharing laughs, stories and food together!

Lastly, the highlight of my holidays:

My life is not complete without my cousins! We all grew up around the same area, same age, same upbringing. Needless to say, we're inseparable and are brothers and sisters for life!
So special to add a couple more throughout the years too, as some find their soul mates.
(One cuzzy is missing, as he was in OK, but he's always there in spirit and truly missed ;)

I'll definitely have to show you my wonderful family on the other side soon!! They're equally amazing and so close in my heart! Time to start snapping more memories!!

Thanks for letting me share. I don't always get too personal around this café, but sometimes the most important pieces of your life just shine through the most!

Friday's Fancies {Best Foot Forward}

Today at Friday's Fancies we're putting our "Best Foot Forward!" Literally and physically speaking!
One of my resolution's for 2012 is to put every great effort and creativity into my business!!
I'm looking to challenge myself to the limit and watch myself as an Entrepreneuress blossom!

So let's all put our best foot forward and make 2012 the best it can be!!
And on that note, have the BEST weekend!!

Add Color to 2012

Happy 20-12! Hope you all have enjoyed your first week of the new year!
I've sure been quite bright and cheery with new projects in store, design updates
and a new attitude on how I will catapult my year!

It's all about a fresh outlook, a joy in the little things, a thankfulness in what God 
blesses us with, new challenges and a bunch of bright colored outfits and decor to boost in 
coloring each and every day a little more!

My resolution is to live a more colorfully life! Who's with me?!