MARCH right on out!!

 The last day of the month is always a bit exciting for me. It's almost like a new beginning, a new scene. Especially the transition from March to April. I know we've all been eagerly awaiting this warm weather to settle in and for the crazy, cold nonsense to come to a halt! So whatever worries you've had in March, sob it up this one last day, and get ready to throw in the towel, cause time is just SPUUU-RINGIN!

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Installing the Perfect Window Display

Zoe Bradley, a professional sculptor from London, is gracing my blog today with her incredible window installations. She develops her installations within the disciplines of sculpture, fashion and theater. That dramatic flair is always instant at the first sight of her displays. Take a look....


I'm sure pictures just don't do her work justice!

Check out more of Zoe Bradley's work here!

Prolonging the shoe...

Ultra-clever, wouldn't you think? 

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Bathing in...

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The new "IT" flower-plant

I have been lingering over these beautiful plant-like flowers or flower-like plants..whichever you think is appropriate for these beauties--although a variety of sources say they are plants, so if we want to be precise, we shall call them flower-like plants. Succulents are also grouped within the cacti family and you can really tell by their appearance that they are grown near desserts. They're so gorgeous they almost look fake! Succulents have several muted tones but others can be so vibrant it will impel you to display them all over your house and even throughout a landscape. Purple and teal succulents are grown, as well! I'm a fan of them all and would just love that succulent wreath hanging out on my porch one day!

I absolutely ADORE succulents mixed with peach roses, that bee hive-like plant and a variety of other flowers to form a wedding bouquet! I love the mixing of the yellow Craspedia's (or Billy Balls, as some say), as well. Brings in a different approach to the traditional bouquet.

As you can tell, I'm not a flower/plant expert, so forgive me for any mistaken names or wordings! Either way, I'm ready to start planting my own and seeing what flower-like plants will pop up!!

What's your take on succulents? Add to a bouquet, keep in the garden or they're just so gorgeous you'd put them any and everywhere?!

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Happy Spring!!

This video just says it all!!

Movie Weekend

This weekend I layed low to work on my newsletter, but I HAD to take a break at some point and decided to watch these 3 movies with my parents. Well, dad only watched one..the others were too girly for him. ;) 

Love these 3 actors, witty and cute!

Watched this in the theater and loved it so much I had to share and watch again!

Definitely a chic flic! Funny, silly funny..My mom cracked up the entire time!

Anybody seen any MUST SEE movies lately?

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Praying for Japan

Trick 'em!

St. Patricks Day is quite fun! I love dressing up and making people wonder where in the world my green is!! They look at me like they're about to pinch me, when I reply, "I'm wearing green, you just have to find it!" Usually it's the tiny bit of green either on a bracelet, ring, necklace, shoe, (one year I went so far as to say it was my green eye shadow!)...Either way, I fool them most every time! The trick is to wear bold colors or patterns that contrast with green, causing your eye to hunt for for it. Usually if you wear an accessory with green in it you can trick them even more.Can you find the hint of green in my palette today?  If not, I've obviously already got the pot of gold anyway from the looks of my blouse ;)


I recently came across some beautiful urban-feel prints on cornflake dreams blog and and just had to share!  
J Hill Design is filled with unique arrangements of prints designed around patterns and geography.   

The animal prints would would make for a great alphabet in a nursery.

Or maybe you want your child's initial.

Then of course the state map prints are great collection items. Maybe a couple representing the places you've been to or lived in before.  (she didn't show a NC print, so Florida was the next best thing!)

Sports fan? Gotta be a Boston Red Sox to get this print!! maybe she can design a print for your favorite team, but I had to put that out there!

You even get to pick out your favorite pattern to make it even more personable!  Preferably in the season of your taste...

Jennifer also does personalized prints, canvas maps, monograms and vintage posters, so definitely check out her site and see what she has to offer!! Pretty sure there's a 20% off sale on all spring items!

And even BETTER, cornflake dreams is offering a giveaway on her page! Hurry now, while it's still available!!

What's your favorite and which would you find to be the most fitting in your home?

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Oh Man!! 25 finally hit!!

Thanks for all the birthday Wishes!

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Going for a birthday filled weekend to my sisters house in Atlanta today!! My bro-in-law and I have day apart birthdays, so I'm excited to actually share it with him this year. Last year I was living in Florida and they were living in Virginia, so we weren't able to see each other. This years a first! Speaking of firsts, I usually would celebrate weeks upon weeks in March for my birthday, but this year is a milestone for me! I've pretty much avoided the nearing date and will sadly and eventually accept it on its arrival. (and in the past I was pretty greedy about birthdays..who wants to share their birthday with somebody else?) But it's a brother like mine you would gladly and proudly share with..awww

My sis and I are even meeting up with some blogger friends, which we've been looking forward to for weeks!! Blogger Party, Yaaay!!

Happy, fun times! (and avoidance from that double-digit age we're not ganna talk about ;)

Cupcake Crush

Introducing, one of my celebrity crushes, the lovely Lauren Conrad.  I'm sure you've seen her new line at Kohls. I just thought the whole cupcake theme was very fitting for her shoot and just had to showcase her beauty on a cake stand because she's just that sweet and admiring! 

and yes, I have a Team LC shirt ;) remember those?

sources* LC line

Give me some undorky glasses!

I've been helping my dear friend at her optometrist office and this means I am now surrendered to make that dreadful appointment to get my eyes checked now. No more hiding from the fact that I need new glasses.  I've had glasses for my constant stare at the computer screen eye strain and all of a sudden, thankfully lost them. Well, I am kind of sad because they were the only pair that I didn't look THAT hideous in. Let's face it...I look weird and dorky in glasses. I have a small head and almost think I need kids glasses to make them fit my face. I think the below pic was the only time I actually looked decent in them. I trust that my good pal will help me choose just the right replacement! The pressure's on you now Andrea!! Don't let me down!

the ONLY picture with my "cat eye" spectacles!

Should I go with a similar style or do something different?
Don't butter me up, just give it to me honest!
Thanks so much!

Mixed Up Art

Today, I wanted to share with you a different twist on art/photography. I was inspired by Pal Allan's work. I love the arrangement of all of these displays. It's taking ordinary objects and grouping them with other ordinary objects that you wouldn't normally see paired together. He's taken kitchen utensils, beauty products and other knick knacks to display a fun composition of objects. I made some similar work in college in a mixed media class and this got me even more inspired to make an inspiration palette of my own "Pal Allan" original using objects I found on the web. 

PAL ALLAN's take

DREW's take on a Pal Allen

(I had so much fun with this I almost wanted to make a whole series!)

Stay tuned for more Pal Allan work!

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inspiration palette #2 birdcagehatpurseblanketsteacuprosecandle holderfeatherglasses

Missing Florida


I moved back from Florida 3 months ago (to NC) and I have to say I miss the sunny state terribly!
The glorious weather, the lavish atmosphere, incredible seafood and the unforgettable friends I made!
I lived in the Boca Raton area for several months, where most people say it's the glitzy and rich. (although I could never continue to afford living in such a place.)
Then off to West Palm Beach (hanging particularly around Palm Beach Gardens) for my second place 
of abode. There again, rich with gloriousness

I have to say it was a journey indescribable and a place I'll never forget and visit often again and again!

southeast side of the sunny state

 dream condos I drove by into work

incredible clear beaches and that amazing aqua ocean

palm trees galore!

fresh seafood and savory, sweet fruit!

Although I am proudly a Carolina girl, a part of me will always have a piece of a Florida girl outlook!


Inspiration palette- sun hatjumpsuitwatchearringsring, heelspurse

Let Loose!

Taking advantage of the weekend and going outdoors. Running natural, curls swaying freely in the wind because I don't feel like straightening my hair for the next couple of days.  Just going to soak in the sun and get some physical activity in with these glorious spring days we've been having. Taking my little pup with me because she enjoys the outdoors as much as I do and the world knows she's gotta have some place to let loose and bark, bark, bark without feeling like she has to use her little inside voice ;)

Have a lovely one! and get outside for a few if you can!!

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Color Scheming

the NEW nautical color palette, I'd say!

love the floral high-waisters...and that couch is a beauty!

such a calming living room and funky light fixture!
sidenote..I wish my hair could do that!

hello beautiful shoezies! oh and that cushion! ahhhh! a little distracted in the details....hope you guys have a lovely Thursday and these colors, room and outfits inspire you to get bold!!

sources* i'll have to get back to so scattered with all my inspiration palettes i misplace them all the time...but i do know the interiors came from here!

ok...found the model images here!  ;)