Mixed Up Art

Today, I wanted to share with you a different twist on art/photography. I was inspired by Pal Allan's work. I love the arrangement of all of these displays. It's taking ordinary objects and grouping them with other ordinary objects that you wouldn't normally see paired together. He's taken kitchen utensils, beauty products and other knick knacks to display a fun composition of objects. I made some similar work in college in a mixed media class and this got me even more inspired to make an inspiration palette of my own "Pal Allan" original using objects I found on the web. 

PAL ALLAN's take

DREW's take on a Pal Allen

(I had so much fun with this I almost wanted to make a whole series!)

Stay tuned for more Pal Allan work!

sources* images   
inspiration palette- #1 cardboard deerwhisktoasterbowheelbeltfeather brushconcealer brush
inspiration palette #2 birdcagehatpurseblanketsteacuprosecandle holderfeatherglasses

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Lindsey Regan Thorne @ be pretty said...

oh WOW! Love seeing how he mixes in different areas of life... so amazing!

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Pretty cool!! Thanks for sharing.

Dana Gastelum said...

Love it Tia! You're so creative! Can't wait to see more of your designs :)

###### said...

hey..just read you comment on the BLOGGING NOW post on my blog. Thank so much for stopping by. Your blog is the cutest thing. I will be sure to follow it from this point on. Your doing great. And your right, if you can inspire one person (which I am sure its more than 1) then you have done something great.

Anonymous said...

Really cool!!!!