Iowa has a special place in my heart

It is so great to be back to the Café!! I went to see some of my very closest friends in Iowa last week and it was just what I've been needing!! These ladies are truly the sweetest, caring and silliest sisters ever!
I am so bonded with these two and feel so at home when I'm with them.
I'm so honored to be a bridesmaid in Erienne's wedding this coming May and I was so ecstatic I could make the trip out to see her before all of the festivities begin. Although, we sure had a pretty festive time this go round!

If there ever was a trio that loved 80's movies so hard core, you'd have to rank us at the top!
Let's just say the last visit we watched Mannequin 1 & 2 and the super 80's movie, Teen Witch!
(It's ok if you've never heard them before...but OH BOY you should give them a watch!)
This year we knocked out FIVE 80's classics in just a couple short days.

Then we had to re-watch Bridesmaids and all of its glorious humor!
Of course it wouldn't be a perfect trip without making it to the real live theatre!
Erienne and I used to go to the movies almost every other day when she lived in NC!
I'd skip class to fill up on popcorn and candy, then grab a comfy seat at the local movie theatre with my fave girl ;) This year we watched the AMAZING Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn! It was a perfect time to see it because the hyped crowds had already come and gone by then. I loved it so much, I'm ready to see it a second time!

This trip, like all the rest in Iowa, leaves you feeling nothing short of stuffed!
Us three sure like to eat good meals and there are so many fantastic restaurants to choose from in the city.
You can also add chocolate covered gummy bears and popcorn into that diet of ours. 

I can't say thanks enough to my twinsie, Erienne and her lovely sis, Emily, for making this another incredible flight out of reality! Actually, it IS OUR reality and these memories we keep making together will forever be embedded in my heart!!

Thank goodness it will only be months until I see you next! and then another month after that!


I want to shout out a super, great Thank You to all my guests last week while I was away.

Emily: Recently
Erika: Small Shop
Anna: IHOD

You ladies did a tremendous job filling in!!

Guest Post: IHOD {In Honor of Design}

Introducing you to one of my very first and one of my very favorite blogger gals, Anna from In Honor of Design!!
This beauty has uber talent and an incredibly huge heart!
Take it away girlfriend....!!

I am seriously so excited to be a guest over here at Coral Cafe. Drew has impeccable taste and I was kind of intimidated to be a guest, but  she also happens to be one of the sweetest bloggers I have met in the blogosphere, so how could I say no?? ;)

I wanted to share with you all one of my favorite color trends hitting the fashion world that I am DYING to try this season. Crimson Orange and Endive. I simply would have never thought to combine these colors, but I took a glance at a few of these photos to realize they were made to turn dreary winter days upside down. Even if the color pops are subtle like a lip or nail color, it just seems to work magically as if they were always meant to be. What do you think? Should I give it a go? You can check with me over at IHOD to see if I follow through with it this winter:)

Wishing you all a blessed Holiday Season!


1 ,234

Thanks so much for sharing this incredibly gorgeous color combo, Anna!
I've got ideas in my closet to recreate this look now!

P.S. If you ladies haven't already, you MUST check out Anna's Holiday Gift Guide 2011!!
There are some incredible gifts and ideas to cater to your entire holiday list!
The layout is incredibly beautiful, too, which has me checking back to glance at it constantly!

Guest Post: Small Shop

Erika. Small Shop. Large style. Huge talent! I am so happy I ran across Erika's blog and her assortment of graphic bits! I am always looking for inspiration from ladies that have a passion for graphic design. I found one that meets every expectation I have for a mega graphic star! She's here to share some key winter must-haves today and it's time I let her take it away!

Hello Coral Cafe-inators, I'm Erika from small shop! So happy that Drew asked me to fill in whilst she is enjoying some time off with her family. I'm guessing I'm a new introduction to most of you, so let me first tell you I am a graphic designer (but I fancifully refer to myself as a "brand stylist") and therefore I tend to like fancy, pretty things....which are often out of my budget. But I do believe in quality, especially in the winter months, when good ingredients really do count for something! So here is my "Winter Checklist" that I like to replenish with a few new items every winter:
*carry-all black tote
We all need one to lug around our sweaters and gifts while shopping, right? I'll be putting one on my Christmas list this year, and this number by Cynthia Vincent is practical, sizeable and stylish.
*cashmere, cashmere, cashmere
Yes I need lots of cashmere in my life come winter, and this chunky James Perse piece is perfection. (Okay, so it doesn't get THAT cold here in So. Cal. but having that extra warmth is quite nice -- I'm a Hawaii girl, cut me some slack!). And don't forget to take care of your cashmere, so you can keep your pieces for years!
*dark nail lacquer
Vampy, sexy, and goes so well with all those darker hues of winter. I'm itching to try Butter London's La Moss...oh la la!
*best lip balm (ever)
La Mer
is a splurge for sure, but it will last you all winter, and well into spring. It's soft, supple and just what the doctor ordered for our poor puckers this season.
*a nice hand soap
Who wants to catch a nasty winter cold when there is so much shopping and partying to be had? Invest in a nice line like Molton Brown so that your hands don't get as dry as they could be with less expensive (read: watery) brands. Plus it smells good too.
*signature scarf
Whatever your signature scarf is, wear it with pride. I received a Burberry keeper as a Christmas gift a few years back, and of course I don it all the time! Really the best accessory.
*day or night boots
Tall brown boots like these DVF's are just fine for our light winters out here - just enough to get me off the ground when wet, and covers up enough leg to keep me warm. Plus, goes with everything!
*a luxurious lotion
I have tried to budget-buy the body lotion. It just doesn't work. Besides, think of it this way: you don't have to use pricey perfume when you put a fragrant cream on like the new Diptyque line -- double-duty!
*lots of jeans!
I am obsessed with Mother "The Looker" jeans. Obsessed! I have them in three washes, and honestly, I would buy more if they were cheaper. They're heavier than "jeggings" (yuck!) but stretchy like yoga pants. Hey, I've had a kid and these still don't give me muffin top. I'm just sayin'...great investment.

So there you have it! Hopefully I've introduced a few of you to some new faves -- I know it can be scary to spend a ton of $$ on an unfamiliar product!

What are some of your winter splurges? Come tell me at my neck of the 'net, small shop!

Thank you ever so much, Erika, for this list of winter must haves! Hopefully it will help some of you get ideas on what to snag today while out in the hustle and bustle carrying your first load of shopping bags!
I need to go try on a pair of those jeans and sample some of that double duty lotion!

Now you MUST go check out Erika's creations and designs!

Friday's Fancies: Black Friday


Happy Black Friday!! Hope all you crazy shoppers are getting your gift list all marked through and checked off! Today's Friday's Fancies is all about the BLACK! Classic, elegant and chic. 
Ok, and a little gold sprinkled in never hurt anything.

What gift MUST you get at a discounted price today?

Guest Post: Recently

I am so happy to introduce you to one of the most creative, stylish and genuine bloggers out there! She has whipped up a beautiful display for you on this wonderful Thanksgiving day!

Hello Coral Cafe readers!  I'm Emily from Recently and I'm so thankful to be here today sharing some Thanksgiving tablescape ideas with you!

I've rounded up a few photos that I think tell a beautiful story of how my perfect turkey day table would look...

images from pinterest

Here's how to re-create the look for yourself!
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

To me, this table would have exactly the right amount of sparkle and warmth for a festive Thanksgiving meal.
I hope you love it too!

As I'm sure you already know, Drew is just about the sweetest blogger out there (not to mention extremely talented!), so I can't say thank you enough to her for having me today.

Here's to having a beautiful holiday!!


THANK YOU for this amazing tablescape inspiration, Emily!! I would love to eat at a table this festive and glamorous!!


Go take a peek at Bright, Bold & Beautiful to see what I am most thankful for!
Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL Thanksgiving!! 


I have some super exciting news!! I haven't been able to share the news on my blog because I've been out of town, but have a spare moment to release my excitement!!

I am SO honored and thrilled to work alongside such a great team and could not be more ecstatic that Jen chose me as one of her contributors! Made by Girl has been quite an inspiration to me, as I know it has for millions of others in and outside of the design community.
I am forever grateful for this unimaginable opportunity.

Thanks so much to those who tweeted, emailed and sent messages congratulating me last week who found out the news via Jen's blog. You have no idea how much your support means and how much it melts my heart that you went out of your way to announce such kind words!


I'll be pouring my heart and soul into these posts, hoping to spark interest and inspiration in others around the blogosphere <3

I'll let you know as soon as my first post goes up!

Guest Post: L.A. in the Bay

I am pleased to introduce you to the lovely Lauren as she shares her Winter Beauty Products! I am so excited to be alongside Lauren as we are on a contributing team that I am announcing tomorrow! (for those of you who haven't heard about it yet ;) 

So without further ado....

Hello, Coral Cafe readers! I'm Lauren from L.A. in the bay. So excited to be sharing with all of you my must-have winter beauty products this season!

1. Crest White Strips - A definite must-have for the winter time. Nothing says winter to me like gorgeous white teeth :)
2. Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion - I use this lotion every night, and it is perfect for getting rid of breakouts (which is essential with all the sweets during x-mas time!)
3. Remington Ceramic Curling Wand - This wand makes perfect Taylor Swift curls, and who doesn't want that for Holiday parties?
4. Deborah Lippman in Single Ladies - This color is perfect for winter time, definitely a must-have...
5. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - A perfect foundation that covers flawlessly and moisturizes dry skin at the same time!
6. Kerestase Injection De Force Hair Treatment - With winter comes dry weather, protect your hair with this amazing treatment.
7. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion - Keep your skin beautiful and refreshed all winter long with this amazing moisturizer. Perfect for any skin type!
8. MAC Lady Danger Lipstick - This is my go to shade, and red is the perfect color to wear this season.
9. MAC Shimmer Eyeshadows -  I have quite the collection of MAC eye shadows, but when it comes to winter time, I love nothing more than to break out my shimmer shadows. 

Thanks so much for sharing these Winter beauty must-haves, Lauren! I believe curly q's and red lips are a must for the holiday season!! 

Guest Post: The Vault Files

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I have one of my favorite, favorite bloggers sharing with you today! She has an amazing blog and I always swoon over the outfits she puts together and the great inspiration she shares daily! I'll let the lovely Gaby take it away!

Hi everyone! I'm Gaby from The Vault Files and I'm thrilled to be here at Coral Cafe sharing some snaps from my humble abode here in Kone, New Caledonia.

When we moved from Toronto at the beginning of the year, bringing our furniture was not an option so when we got to the island we thought that buying just the essentials for a living period of 18 months was the right move. Thanks to a couple of small decor items I was able to bring in I'm quite happy how my bedroom turned out, hope you like it!

My ikat pillowcases make me smile every single day

 The bedside table is a hand-me-down

My dresser

On top of my dresser, I bring my wedding pictures wherever we go

If I don't display my jewelry I forget what I have

Thank you so much Drew for asking me to guest post here at Coral Cafe, it's truly an honor to post on one of my favorite blogs! And thanks to all of you for taking the time to have a peek inside my bedroom ;)

I LOVE your style, accessories and beautiful set up in your room, Gaby!! It's so clean and sophisticated!! and I really want to steal your coral leopard purse!! ;) Thanks so much for sharing!!

Friday's Fancies: Mix & Match


Today on Friday's Fancies we're mixing and matching prints! This has got to be one of my FAVORITE ways to style an outfit. I've recently tried incorporating more edgier prints into my wardrobe just to spice up my look a bit. It's so fun and of course a bold move! Try it yourself! You will look splendid, I know!

SO EXCITED to be headed to Iowa tomorrow to see one of my best friends and her lovely sis!
It was on my bucket list to go see them this summer, but I ran out of time. So I'm looking forward to spending a week with my girls around this time of year! It is our favorite, anyway!


I have got some fun happenings next week on Coral Cafe' for you!!
There will be some incredible and inspiring guest bloggers + my very first giveaway!!
 You will NOT want to miss out!

Have a wonderful weekend, dears!

Equestrian Glamour


I have fallen in love with this room over, and over, and over. I love the upholstered bed with custom nail head pins, the old hollywood luxe bench with acrylic legs, the scalloped rug, white garden stool, aqua tray, the soft chandelier and the orange and red patterned pillows. The most significant piece in this room? Well of course, the black and white horse print! It's like equestrian turned glamour! Can't say I mind it one bit!

Key pieces to make this look yours:


Literally speaking...

2345678, 910

We usually think of animal print as zebra, leopard and snakeskin. 
Well today, just think of this as the new spin on animal print.
We've got camel, penguin and cute little flamingos.
I'm all over this round up of prints!

Oh my Yum!


I couldn't help but start craving pears this morning when my lovely and talented sister, Dana, of Southern Inspired, decided to decorate her table with pears wrapped in twine. You must go check it out! She is the queen of DIY projects!

I can't think of a better way to bite into a pear, aside from these four scrumptious recipes!

Friday's Fancies: #50


Today marks the 50th Friday's Fancies Anniversary!! For me it's #25! I can't believe this marks the 7th month for me to contribute to this splendid link-up! {AV} sure started a magnificent trend for ladies all around the globe to pick out, style and collaborate with others on fancy outfits, that may be out of our reach sometimes, but become expressions of our own unique styles.
I'm so honored {AV} asked me to be a part of this jolly, creative outlet in styling!
Look forward to many, many more!
YOU should definitely join in on the action! Link up now!

Happy 11/11/11 and Happy Veterans Day!
Thanks to all who have fought and still fight for our freedom!
{Special thanks to P. Mayfield}

Soft and Luxurious

Come and relax in this platinum tufted sleigh bed wrapped in a soft quilted comforter and sheets.
The pattern of the wallpaper adds a dimension of interest and sophistication, leaving the space so invigorating. The placement of the tufted bench is also quite appealing. 
This bedroom has just the right amount of balance!

The pink peekaboo bed is just beyond charming! I love the feeling of being slightly enclosed and this seems to do the trick! I also love the variations of pinks used throughout the room, presenting harmony and elegance. Speaking of elegance, those leafy chandeliers definitely complete the look! How clever to add two in different heights! Of course, I can't move on without mentioning the door in the back with the beautiful molding and knob in the center! Love this! I've seen it on front doors before but placing it inside just makes more sense.


Lastly, this lavender room leaves such a pleasing effect. The arrangement is quite similar to the first room, yet we have a striking chandelier hanging above the bed and an elongated, leaf-patterned mirror on the night side table. Window treatments, hung to the edges of the ceiling, always add more height and  appear just stunning to me. Can't forget the cozy, white cowhide on the side of the bed and how it certainly makes the space appear larger.

Here's a round up of some key elements when decorating a soft and luxurious space.
This is femininity at its best, if I must say so!

      1234567 891011121314 

Sneak Peak! Head to Fashion Truffles!

Here's a sneak peak of what you'll find over at Fashion Truffles today!
The beautiful Viviana is celebrating big time now because she just tied the knot with 
her exceptional man! I created a wedding palette before she headed off for San Juan and she is
sharing it with you today on her charming blog!

Let me know what you fancy the most!

Also, check out my skirt challenge at A Newfound Treasure!

Time to change the wardrobes

It all of a sudden just got really, really chilly so I was forced to finally make the swap from summer clothes to fall & winter clothes! For me it's a whole process...I clean, organize, give away and throw away. When switching your wardrobes it's important to show your most wearable items in the front or most easiest access in your closet. I learned this tip from my sis and it works wonders!

I love winter snow boots and own a bundle of bedroom slippers to keep the footsies warm.
I've also added leg warmers and long socks to cover up the legs when wearing skirts and dresses.
I certainly can't resist the cuteness factor of them, either!

If you know me personally, you know that I adore my comfies!! Usually it's scrunched up sweatpants or those PJ pants that look like long johns. I looove long, slouchy shirts when lounging around. They're just so loose and cozy! I must admit,  I can sometimes be caught in public wearing my comfies, while running errands (or going to a matinée). I embarrass some while bumming it, but I giggle and do it anyway ;)

I can NOT resist the adorable scarves, gloves and toboggans that show up in winter! I've collected more gloves than I need and have a scarf to match practically every outfit if I wanted it to. Of course, earmuffs are extremely important for mountain weather. It's a good thing all of these items that keep us warm are  extremely adorable!
Last, but absolutely not least, layers. When a long sleeved shirt is not enough, you must add a sweater and coat to keep out the chill. I really like the look of layers, whether it be cardigans and sweaters over flannel shirts or leg warmers over top leggings and boots. However you layer it, be sure to keep warm!

Have you made the wardrobe switch yet? 
Silly question... I'm sure you have since it's NOVEMBER already!!


Friday's Fancies: Lily Pulitzer Giveaway


Talk about a GIVEAWAY!! Today's Friday's Fancies features Lily Pulitzer's Resort Collection, and while I'm caught up in fall and winter fashion at the moment, this opportunity was too good to pass up!
Alison at Long Distance Loving has partnered up with Lily Pulitzer to host a Jungle Glam giveaway for up to &750! You must check out the details to be included in the pot!

To come up with todays outfit, I dreamed of going on a holiday vacation somewhere tropical! What better way to spend a unique Christmas. I spent last years Christmas in West Palm Beach, FL and I must say it was an interesting switch, opposed to the chilly and snow boot weather in the Carolinas. Florida was decorated with twinkling palm trees and meals consisted of snow crab and oysters! I'll never forget my wonderland adventure down in the sunny state!

Plus, how could I give up the coral tunic dress in the shape of what seems to look like a Christmas tree!
The green and navy shift dress was equally irresistable!!

Here's to wishing you a splendid weekend, wherever you are ;)