My Firstborn-pup turned 8!!

Sunday the 14th was my Josie girls 8th birthday!!  I'm so sad I couldn't spend it with her in NC.  If you've ever watched Marley and Me, (if you haven't you should) you will understand the unique, crazy filled life of a rambunctious lab. (in my case, a sharpei-lab) Josie has always been the first to stand up for her family and will outrun all your dogs at the first glance of a squirrel. I bet your furry friends won't go find a turtle in the woods on command, either!  Josie is a one-and-only best friend for life.  No matter how many times we've had to yell at her for running off to greet the neighbors, (who walk around with large sticks near our house), she melts your heart even at the pounce of those scratchy paws on momma's hard wood floors. Daddy loves her deep down in his heart. (although he will never admit it to anyone!) She respects him more than anyone for it. She loves a good drink from the bathroom sink with her paws perched on the counter, her curly tail wagging. She rarely misses her prayer before she gobbles up every last bit of food after the "Amen!" And puts her head down on your lap to show off before she gets a treat. She's a strong, independent lady with a deep, courageous bark. But you've got her smiling the most when she gets to go for a ride in the front seat of your car with her head hanging out. (what dog doesn't love that?) So even though "Marley" comes out in Josie at times, she has the heart that forgives you over and over when you take out your bad days and moodiness on her. Her love and faithfulness is beyond words can describe. And she'll always be my first love.

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Smitten Y'all said...

haha "first born pup" sounds like you gave birth to her :) what a precious pooch! lord save us from the marley's inside of all our puppies!!

Unknown said...

happy birthday to your beautiful 'big' baby!! she's so pretty!!
xox alison