This kitchen is so bright and cheery. Definitely a great place to wander in and make breakfast! The unique addition to this kitchen are the upholstered club chairs around the table. Very often you see this style of chair in a living room. Adding it to the kitchen gives it more sophistication and relaxation. It helps to see the flowers and fruit give the room just enough of that pop of color.

The whimsical living area has just enough of a bed and breakfast feel. You wouldn't expect to see tables and chairs in this space with the ottoman in the center and the fireplace decorated as to convey a den or living room. How fun are those hanging lights and bubbles suspended from the ceiling?

That mauve colored wall set beside the kitchen is what attracted me most to this kitchen. (Probably because I painted one of my apartment bedroom walls the same color one time.) Even though the kitchen is quite small, the stainless steel drawers, cabinets and appliances give it character. Modern and unique. It would not be complete without the hanging pendant lights and spotlights in the kitchen.

If you weren't a fan of purple, you will be after you have an amazing dinner in this room. The stunning traditional wall sconces look exquisite in this dining area and give enough light to set the romantic mood. If you want to feel connected  to a dining room, lay purple carpet, paint purple walls and a blue ceiling and you'll feel like you've arrived at a private dinner party!

Let me crawl in that bed and read a romantic novel! The floral headboard is definitely the conversation piece in this bedroom. The mirrored night tables pave the way for more chicness and balance out the white comforter and headboard that would not look so elegant without this easy touch. It helps to have the purple lamps to give that warm glow you need to feel warm and cozy!

You can tell the decorator has a little spunk and character to fill this living area with a bright turquoise sofa, bubblegum pink curtains and that white furry pillow on the slingback chair. Oh and that gold coffee table is so romantic and chic! Not to mention the two crystal/glass sconces above the fireplace. It's the unexpected elements in this room that make it so enjoyable and eye-catchy!

Which room is your favorite? And what's so inspiring about it?

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Dana Gastelum said...

Great picks!! I especially love the first picture of the kitchen!! The recessed lighting looks like diamonds lighting up the ceiling and bouncing off of that gorgeous chandelier! Great post :)

Rachel said...

love the post..when I finally get a house you are coming shopping with me!

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

Oh absolutely Rach!! You're coming with me too!!

Daners-you described the recessed lighting in the kitchen so well!! You should be my guest blogger! ;)