The Kennedys - Trailer (8-Part Movie Event)


Getting ready for the April 3rd release of The Kennedy's 8-Part Movie Event! I love watching movies that are based on true stories and events. I get so involved and actually feel myself becoming part of the movie itself. I did this with Pearl Harbor, Titanic, Bobby, 9/11, Saving Private Ryan..and many other war and terror movies. No, it's not always easy to watch some of these movies but it's a part of our history and brings you more in touch with the reality of trials, war, terror and loss. And with that, whether you truly believe it or not, brings forth passion, peace, strength and the ability to put more power into prayer. Not sure if movies do that for you, but they sure move me that way.

Check out the trailer below! (Not going to lie-I'm excited to see Katie Holmes in this impersonating Mrs. Kennedy herself, and her famous stylish wardrobe!)

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Dana Gastelum said...

I'm excited to see this too! Love some Katie!

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...