what do I collect?

If you know me personally, or for at least an hour at that, you learn quickly that I LOVE, am passionately obsessed and am beyond intrigued with copper. Not just limited to copper, per say, but all forms that I characterize as copper: bronze, rose gold, rust. 

For this post, I specially collaged some of my favorite copper finds!

I am smitten by the rare and unique brilliance of the precious (ductile) metal. I've collected so many copper treasures through the years and plan on continuing my collection for many more. I've even started my copper pot and pan collection. You have to get a piece at a time because of how expensive it can be, hence the head start.  If I spot copper ANYWHERE I'm hovered all over the object!  

Four years ago it was almost impossible to find anything made of copper. I'm not a huge fan of the twisted metal jewelry, which was all I could find out there. Last year finally got some braincells and made it popular. You can imagine how my life changed after that! 

You can also find copper in jewelry, house-ware, decorations, makeup, clothes, shoes..the list is endless! 

And my family already knows to start saving up for this one!!

Come back soon and see my special photo shoot dedicated to my own personal collection!

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Dana Gastelum said...

haha I'm going to have to start saving up for a LONG time for that one!! :)