Playing Paperdolls

I loooove dressing up for work.  I think dressing yourself is a piece of art in and of itself.  The traditional blazer wrapped over a dress is so professional and girly!  I mostly wear skirts or dresses instead of dress pants so this is a fun way to mix up work and play. Add a colorful belt around the blazer to pull the look together and pin on a fun flower brooch, step into gold heels and you'll be workin it all day long!

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Dana {Southern Inspired} said...

loooove this outfit!! exactly why we need to live closer -- so I can come raid your closet! ;)

tickled pink said...

that's YOU in that picture! ha, love it. no i cannot get over the cool things you can do with the computer because the best i can do is cut and paste... love it!

Drew said... mom laughed when she saw it was me! she was like, "what's that face you're making?" lol "it looks like you're telling chloë to get in her bed."

and I LOVE creating things with my new laptop! you gotta get one Anna!
I literally work on it ALL DAY!! I should've had one in college! I would've dedicated so much more time to my projects!

Dana-come home so we can mix and match each others wardrobes! ;)

Anonymous said...

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