New Years Resolution

This is in memory of a dear friend of mine who passed away.  One who had contagious smile, a generous heart, an unforgettable humor and an uplifting spirit.  Sam was a great friend who I would mostly vent to about life's struggles and fun memories we had together, and although I didn't see him enough to make most people think it would have such an effect on me , he left such a remarkable impression on me and the kind of love I will always cherish for my dear sweet friend. Miss you Always, Sam <3

Makes us realize we are never promised tomorrow and to live the best lives we can and never take those we hold so dear to our hearts for granted. This year I resolve to make more of a difference and cherish the moments I have with my loved ones and the blessings God has given.

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Smitten Y'all said...

you changed your blog! pretty periwinkle!!