What Day is Today?

Friday is a day to shop!!  Or so it is in Palm Beach!!  I have the opportunity to take a suit, a shirt and an eye-catchy tie for a man and turn it into what I see as art!  Being surrounded by mens clothing everyday at this time in my life has opened my eyes to fashion trends in the male world.  Not to mention the romancing of the garment and persuasion to see beneath the surface of just an ordinary outfit has such an effect on a guy.  If you make him feel confident in what he is wearing, he will wear it proudly and show his wife or girlfriend what a difference it makes to come out looking made up once in a while (instead of sporting the same old mud or spaghetti stained t-shirt and those jeans he just can't live without rocking at least six or so holes ripped at the seams!)  I love a guy in sweats just as much as the next, but every once in a while I like to see the effort he puts into dressing up for dinner or going out to Sunday service.  At Nordstrom, I help your men do just that! (You'll thank me, later! ;)

Ben Shurman Charcoal Pinstripe Wool Suit $495-what a steal!!

David Donahue Traditional Fit Dress Shirt $125

BOSS woven silk tie $95

Like I said, he still looks pretty good in those comfy sweatpants too!  Just make sure he shops for those with me too!  We've got loungewear and sportswear for those laid back, do-nothing days.

Give me a scenario...I'll come up with the perfect outfit choice!!

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